Biography of Manuel Ciges Aparicio (1873-1936)

Spanish writer. He/She was born in Enguera (Valencia) in 1873, and died at Ávila in 1936. Before being appointed civil Governor of Ávila, lived a voluntary exile in Paris. He/She was the editor of El imparcial, new life and the country. In 1936, he/she was shot. It achieved some popularity when he/she published the autobiographical tetralogy: captivity (1903), the barracks and war (1906), hospital (1906) and journalism and politics (1907). The narrative production is broader: the vicar (1905), present day struggles: winners (1908), the vanquished (1910), Villavieja (1914), the judge who lost his conscience (1925), novel that shows how the illiterate were systematically deprived of their civil rights, the Caymans (1932) which tells with great emotion the history of the Roman Casalla illiterate. It is the author of the biography Joaquín Costa, the great failed (1930) and a historical book Spain under the Bourbons (1932).