Biography of Michael Cimino (1943-VVVV)

Director of American cinema, born November 16, 1943, in New York.


Student model in the prestigious Yale University, Cimino graduated in fine arts and began a career as a painter who came to be interrupted when he/she met the world of cinema. While attending courses of dramatic art and ballet, he/she began to interact with producers that provided him his first audiovisual works as a director of commercials television, documentaries and television programs sponsored by various industries

In 1971 he/she met special effects technician Douglas Trumbull, with who participated in the writing of the screenplay for silent, a unusual sci-fi movie that later influenced the development of some of the mentioned gender stereotypes. Shortly after Cimino agreed to his first feature film as a director, a bounty of 500,000 dollars, where completed a solvent that encouraged the producers to enhance your next project, Hunter, a review of the war in Viet Nam from the prospects for survivors and relatives of the soldiers. The film got a big international hit, although the criticism made public a unique division of opinions. There were who praised the aesthetic and torn vision of Cimino, and also who faulted a racist component that would raise fuss in his other projects as Manhattan South. The truth is that this film was the first to review seriously the emotional scars of war in the subconscious of Americans, aligning itself in step with the prospect more critical with the line of international relations of the U.S. Government. Moreover, Cimino tried to set a kind of personal hell of the protagonists, persecuted by fate or approaching it as creepy as the practice means called Russian roulette, consisting of fire on the Temple a revolver in the drum there is only one bullet. On the other hand, the magnificent interpretations of Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken and Meryl Streep were hailed unanimously.

Awarded the Oscar for best director for this film, Cimino left to see a facet of his personality which, in a sense, would lead him to his subsequent failure: the desire to achieve greatness as a filmmaker, in the tradition of Cecil B. Mille. With production costs are huge, he/she undertook his next project, the gate of heaven, which was intended to describe the struggle between farmers and ranchers in the American West of the 19th century. The draft put to the production company to the limit of its possibilities, nearing bankruptcy as releases and passes were organizing press. When American critics began accusing Cimino pretentious and close to the Marxist thesis, the European critics lashed out at director with accusations to the contrary. The excessive length of the tape forced to carry out a new Assembly, shorter, which originated one even greater discontent and sensation that heaven's door, despite contain valuable sequences, it was far from a finished film.

Discriminated against in the studies after this work, Cimino took five years to return to work. His new film, southern Manhattan, used the detective genre to reflect on the racial struggles in American society. Although its protagonist, Mickey Rourke, became a star, and the film was profitable, American Asian minority protested the dark vision featuring her in the film. In fact, the controversy caused by the gate of heaven is played, as if the presence of Cimino in the film environment awakens suspicions among professionals. The massive failure of the Sicilian (1987) and the mediocrity of their following productions actually developed this trend, and Cimino went on to become a director of second order, with little opportunity to recover the glory that obtained with the Hunter.

Considered one of the most promising and intelligent of the early 1980s, Michael Cimino became the most disappointing filmmaker of his generation because of the sudden decline in quality in his work, a decline that has been marginalized in the production system of Hollywood to almost make it disappear professionally.


1974: A bounty of 500,000 dollars. 1978: The Hunter. 1980: The gate of heaven. 1985: Manhattan South. 1987: The Sicilian. 1990: 37 desperate hours. 1996: The sunchaser. 1999: The dreaming place.

As coguionista:1972: silent. 1973: Harry the strong. 1978: La rosa.