Biography of San. Obispo de Alejandría Cirilo (370-444)

Father of the Church of Greek language, Saint and Bishop of Alexandria, born about the year 370, and died in the 444. He/She is famous for his defense of the union in Christ of the dual nature of divine and human, against Nestorius who accentuated the distinction of natures that denied the divine maternity of María in Christ. The Council of Ephesus (431) adopted the doctrine of Cyril and condemned and banished to Nestorius. Much of the literary production of Cyril was intended to defend their positions and attacking those of adversaries (against the blasphemies of Nestorius, speeches around the straight faith, on the unity of Christ, etc.). But sometimes speaks in an ambiguous form of a single nature of the incarnate Logos, which would give opportunity to support to the monofisitas who denied the true human nature of Christ. He/She also wrote an apology of Christianity against Julian the apostate, Bible commentaries and an extensive correspondence.