Biography of King of Persia Ciro I (640-600 a.C.)

(Ku-rush or Ku-ra-ash or Kyros or Cyrus) Persian King, son of Teispes according to a seal with Elamite inscription. It occupied the Western Territories that his father left him in inheritance (Parsumash), but soon had to put at the disposal of the Assyrians when they carried out a relentless conquest of all the Elam following policy of their King Assurbanipal. He/She had sent, according to a text of the aforementioned Assyrian king, a strong tribute to Nineveh, as well as his eldest son, Arukku, as a hostage. Then there was in vassalage of the Medes, but with his son Cambyses I, whom he/she appointed heir instead of Arukku, the situation could be reversed.