Biography of René Clément (1913-1996)

Film Director French born born in Bordeaux on March 18, 1913 and died on 17 March 1996.


He studied architecture at the school of fine arts in Paris. In the first thirty years made his first animated film, Cesar chez les Gaulois, when he/she was still a student, as well as various technical roles in other films. Her first film of real image was the short film Soigne ton gauche (1936), played by Jacques Tati. From this date onwards and until the end of the decade he/she made several documentaries in Arabia and North Africa, line that remained on his return to France until he/she directed his first feature, La bataille du rail (1945), one of the great films French resistance and for which he/she won the award for best director of the Festival de Cannes in 1946. Filmed almost entirely outdoors and nonprofessional actors, this chronicle of daily life during the nazi occupation placed you the French response to the Italian school of post-war. The following year he/she worked as technical consultant work on beauty and the beast (1946), Jean Cocteau.

His following films made you one of the great figures of French cinema of the 1950s. Received the Oscar of the American Academy for best foreign film for too late (1948), which for the second time got the prize for best director at Cannes. Franco-Italian co-production starring the two most popular stars of the moment in both countries, Jean Gabin and Isa Miranda, is another example of popular film shot in the streets of a city destroyed by war. Clement demonstrates in this film his left militancy and is inspired by the earlier French poetic realism of war. With his best-known film and one of the best of his filmography, forbidden games (1951), for the second time got the Oscar and Venice Film Festival Golden Lion. Bleak portrait of the consequences of the war through the eyes of two children, contains sequences of true poetry, as the play of Georges Poujouly and Brigitte Fossey cemetery crosses small. François Truffaut, then a young critic for Cahiers du Cinéma, gave you as an example, along with Claude Autant-Lara, film quality prevailing at the time in his famous essay "A certain tendency of the French cinema", true founding manifesto of the Nouvelle vague French published in 1954 in which harshly criticized the work of Clement - the own André Bazinthe most influential critic of the time and spiritual father of Truffaut, came out in his defense and exerted pressures so that his next film, Monsieur Ripois (1954), received the Golden Palm of the Cannes Festival.

His next major contribution was in the Sun (1959), one of the best French police at the time. Adaptation of a Patricia Highsmith novel, is a chilling story of suspense involving the international launch of Alain Delon as disturbing and amoral killer Tom Ripley. With her closed Clement extraordinary its decade of greater success as a director. Since then specialized in international productions including, for his excellent command of the office of the director and his technical mastery, titles like the cats (1964), starring Jane Fonda and Alain Delon, and would burn Paris? (1967), adaptation of the successful novel by Dominique Lapierre. An exuberant international cast (Jean-Paul Belmondo, Charles Boyer, Kirk Douglas and Glenn Ford, this melodrama on a large scale on a hypothetical fire in Paris by Hitler Clement provided his last big hit.) After a series of minor films, he/she retired from film in 1975 and died in 1996.


Short films: 1937: Soigne ton gouache; The big chartreuse.1938: Paris the nuit; L'arabie Interdite; Fleche d'argent. 1939: énergie électrique; The Bièvre; Histoire du costume.1942: Le tirage; Toulouse; Ceux du rail.1943: La grande pastorale; Chefsde demain.1944: Mountain.

Feature films: (Clément is co-screenwriters of virtually all of his films) 1945: La bataille du rail.1946: pere tranquile.1947: Les maudits.1948: too tarde.1950: Le Château de verre.1951: games prohibidos.1954: Monsieur Ripois.1956: Gervaise.1957: Barrage contre le Pacifique.1959: to full sol.1960: joy of living! 1962: The day and the hora.1964: the felinos.1967: do burning Paris? 1970: The lluvia.1971 passenger: the mansion under the arboles.1973: as Hare acosada.1975: scar.

As Assistant Director: 1940: the venus aveugle.1943: La boîte aux upside down.

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