Biography of Papa Clemente VIII (1536-1605)

Pope Clement VIII. Piombo Sebastiano.

Pope born in Florence in 1536 and died in Rome in 1605. He/She remained in the Holy see from 1592 to 1605. He/She came from a noble family, his real name was Ippolito HipĆ³lito Aldobrandini. Well versed in legal science rather than on the theological, it was a consistorial lawyer in the papal court, auditor of the Rota and Dataria, and cardinal in 1585, created by Sixto V, who sent him the following year as legate to Poland. He/She succeeded Pope innocent IX and his election was greeted with jubilation among his subjects. He/She knew how to surround himself with eminent men, with those who undertook the reform of the Church. Their political successes were remarkable. It reconciled to Enrique IV with the Church and got twice the peace between Spain and France. During the controversy raised among Jesuits and Dominicans around grace, remained impartial. The Jubilee of 1600 was Grand testimony to the restoration of the prestige of the papacy. His death happened Lion XI.