Biography of Papa Clemente X (1590-1676)

He was born in 1590 in Rome, and died in the same city in 1676. His name was Emilio Altieri. He/She held the Throne from 1670 to 1676. It happened to Clement IX. He/She worked actively and effectively in the service of the Church. Already advanced age, he/she accepted the tiara with reluctance and entrusted its affairs in the hands of auxiliary more young people. He/She gave an edict in favor of the nobility dealer and bishopric erected the Church of Quebec. It is the construction of a hospice for new converts, the sources of the plaza de San Pedro and the Altieri Palace, and the beautification of the bridge of Santangelo. It socorriĆ³ to the people after the earthquake of 1675 that moved to Italy. It was established that the goods had to pay 3%, until that moved to the Palace of the ambassadors, which resisted, and the Pope had to revoke the decree to keep the peace. It issued bulls of canonization of san Pedro de Alcantara and santa Magdalena de Pazzis, he/she canonized Saint Francisco de Borja, conceded indulgences to santa Rosa de Lima, san Cayetano, san Felipe Benicio and san Luis Beltran. He/She was buried in san Pedro, which has a magnificent mausoleum. His death happened Blessed Pope innocent XI.