Biography of Queen of Egipto Cleopatra I (204-176 a.C.)

(Kleopatra or Qlwptrt) Queen of Egypt, daughter of Antiochus III the great of Syria. Cleopatra I was married after the fifth Syrian war with the King of Egypt Ptolemy Vin 193 BC, in raffia, and brought as dowry to the marriage income Celesiria, Phoenicia and Samaria. He/She was the mother of Ptolemy VI, Ptolemy VIII and Cleopatra II. Widow from 181 BC, could govern as a tutora-regente of his eldest son, Ptolemy VI, to 176 BC, date of his death. Cleopatra I policy was generally peaceful, and knew how to keep their distance with the Seleucids and Rome. In Ptolemais, children raised him a temple, which already had own Priestess dedicated to his cult in 165 BC.