Biography of Queen of Egipto Cleopatra II (185-116 a.C.)

(Kleopatra or Qlwptrt) Queen of Egypt, daughter of Ptolemy V and Cleopatra I. In 175 BC he/she married his brother Ptolemy VI, who was easy since the 170-164 BC along with his younger brother Ptolemy VIII, and then only of Ptolemy VI until the latter's death in 145 BC Queen Regent born Ptolomeo Eupator, then King of Cyprus, Cleopatra Thea, Cleopatra III and Ptolemy VII, which would agree to power on the death of his father, under the Regency of Cleopatra II. For reasons of internal policy - uprising of Alexandria - and personal ambition, the Queen Regent chose to marry his brother Ptolomeo VIII, bloodthirsty and cruel man, offering to share the Kingdom among the three. These wishes were not fulfilled, because Ptolemy VIII, knowing then that Queen Cleopatra II was pregnant, did not hesitate to assassinate Ptolemy VII young to leave the way clear to his future son. Cleopatra II had to accept crime and subject to its esposo-hermano. However, the fickle Ptolemy VIII repudiated then Cleopatra II and married his own niece, new nuptials because he/she was the daughter of Cleopatra II and Ptolemy VI, call Cleopatra III, woman of enormous ambition. This marriage, denounced by Cleopatra II as illegal, led to a period of family and social confrontations. After Ptolemy VIII and his sobrina-esposa flight to Cyprus, the vile murder of Ptolomeo Menfites - the son of Cleopatra II and Ptolemy VIII - hands of the own father and the episode of Queen Cleopatra II in Syria, where he/she had gone to help his son-in-law Demetrio Nicátor instead of offering the Crown of EgyptIt was the family reconciliation, as ambition than any other sense could more. In 124 BC, as witness the inscriptions and bas-reliefs, became the joint Regency of the two Queens--mother and daughter--and the cruel Ptolemy VIII, the husband of both. Few years later, in 115 BC, after the death of Ptolemy VIII, Cleopatra II ruled with his daughter and his grandson, Ptolemy IX, until the end of his days.