Biography of Queen of Egipto Cleopatra III (155-101 a.C.)

(Kleopatra or Qlwptrt) Queen of Egypt, daughter of Ptolemy VI and Cleopatra II. Through her marriage to Ptolemy VIII, her uncle and husband of his mother - who had repudiated to join her-, Cleopatra III managed to fulfil its ambition to become Queen of Egypt. So there were many bitter experiences (murders, Alexandria uprising against her husband for the murder of all the youth of that city, flight and exile to Cyprus), but all his overweening ambition overcame it given. In the year 124 B.c. became easy at a time with her mother and her husband, who had reconciled politically. Cleopatra III was the mother of five children: Ptolemy IX, familiarly called Latiro, Ptolemy X, Cleopatra IV, Cleopatra VI and Cleopatra V. From the death of her husband Ptolemy VIII, in 116 BC, who had demanded in the deathbed to appoint her heir, ruled - as so required by the will of her husband - with her son Ptolemy IX, married his own sister Cleopatra IV, forcing him shortly after, for reasons of envy, you abandon it and to marry her other sister Cleopatra V. These managements and the false accusation that he/she wanted to kill his mother forced Ptolemy IX to flee to Cyprus, from where it acted to combat the Queen Cleopatra III, but without success. In 107 BC, the Queen to the throne associated with her other son Ptolemy X, who could not manage at will, so this son also was forced into exile soon after. Called to Egypt, he/she did not hesitate in murdering his mother in 101 B.c., according to the historian Justino, until Cleopatra III give him death.