Biography of Queen of Egipto Cleopatra IV (¿-112 a.C.)

(Kleopatra or Qlwptrt) Queen of Egypt, daughter of Ptolemy VIII and Cleopatra III. Cleopatra IV was married to his brother Ptolemy IX, called familiarly Latiro, fruit whose marriage was Princess Berenice Philadelphus III, although then the Queen was disowned by taking one wife her other sister Cleopatra V, following the overtones of his mother Cleopatra III. Forced to leave Egypt, Cleopatra IV moved to Cyprus, where recruited an army and offered his hand to Antíoco IX Cyzénico, her uncle, hoping to take revenge on her husband. Her new husband was by that time at war with his brother Antíoco VIII Gripos, who played him the throne of Syria and had by women to another sister Cleopatra IV, called also Cleopatra. After being defeated Antíoco IX Cyzénico, Cleopatra IV fell to his sister at Antioch, it that merciless, made her murder in the Temple of Artemis.