Biography of Queen of Egipto Cleopatra VII (69-30 a.C.)

(Kleopatra or Qlwptrt) Egyptian Queen, daughter of Ptolemy XII and Cleopatra VI, and woman of extraordinary intelligence (spoke several languages) and beauty, known as Kleopatra Thea Philopator. It controlled Egypt from 51 BC when his father died, and ruled the country together with his brother Ptolemy XIII, very young age, who had married following his father's will. His Government was altered by three courtiers intriguing, favorites of her young husband (Aquila, Pothinus and Theodotus), which contributed to alienating both brothers. Cleopatra VII, accused of conspiracy - in fact wanted to govern alone – had to flee first to Syria and then return to Egypt, to recruit an army to confront her brother and husband in the Eastern delta. However, the presence of Julio César in Egypt, triumphant of Pharsalia, prevented the start of a fratricidal war. Reconciled both siblings thanks to César, the love affairs of the East with Cleopatra VII and having retained to Ptolemy XIII motivated, among other factors, the birth of the call war of Alexandria, which killed Ptolemy XIII. This circumstance allowed him to César become owner of Egypt, a country that gave to Cleopatra VII and her other brother, Ptolemy XIV, still very young, with whom Cleopatra VII, in 47 BC, he/she married at the suggestion of the own Julio César; However, that same year Cleopatra VII gave birth to Ptolemy XV, named Caesarion, tinged with the Roman. The following year, to the call of César, who had been absent from Egypt, Cleopatra VII went to Rome, where was welcomed with her son and both were known allies of Rome. Even to erect a statue of gold with his effigy in the sanctuary of Venus Genitrix. César, murdered in 44 BC, Cleopatra VII had to return to Egypt, where he/she didn't hesitate in poisoning her husband and brother, Ptolemy XIV, 15 years old, to leave that road free his son Ptolemy XV, who made corregente. In love with after Marco Antonio, with whom he/she had met in 41 BC in Tarsus in Cilicia, where he/she had gone to congratulate him on his victories, it would begin a love affair that would end in marriage, in the year 37 B.c., and as a result of which would be several children (Alejandro Helios, Cleopatra Selene and Ptolemy Philadelphus) with him. Cleopatra VII was proclaimed in 35 B.c. Queen of Kings, and then received numerous territories by her husband, Roman, which the Queen handed out between his sons. Armenia, Chalkida, Celesiria, Cyprus, Phoenicia, Palestine and Arabia went to the territories of the Ptolemaic Egypt. The following year he/she was even deified with the name of new Isis, and Marco Antonio became her divine partner as Dionysus, which was reason that was acuñasen coins with their effigies. The granting of land part of Marco Antonio Cleopatra VII and their children Octavio Augusto (whose sister, Octavia, had married Marco Antonio) annoyed and led him to the war which ended with the battle of Actium (31 BC) and the subsequent suicide of Marco Antonio in Alexandria. Cleopatra VII offered to Octavio Augusto, who had also reached this city, share power, offer that was rejected. In anticipation of falling into the hands of the Roman and that he/she exhibiese it in his triumphal procession in Rome, Cleopatra VII opted to commit suicide through the bite of an ASP - in accordance with one of the most accredited legends - along with their two maids Iras and Carmion. Octavio Augusto sent shortly after kill Ptolemy XV and lead to Rome to the children of Cleopatra VII, tainted by Marco Antonio. Cleopatra VII is physically known thanks to different coinage coins, which appears both alone as in company of Marco Antonio, as well as the bas-reliefs of the Temple of Hathor at Dendera, on whose southern wall appears along with Caesarion.