Biography of Hillary Clinton (1947-VVVV)

U.S. Attorney and wife of the 42nd President of the United States of America, Bill Clinton, born in Chicago, Illinois on October 26, 1947. It was first lady during the terms of her husband Bill Clinton into the Presidency of the United States, and was appointed Foreign Minister during the term of President Obama in 2009.

He graduated in 1969 at Wellesley College, prestigious private Center for women of the East Coast, and in 1970 entered law school at Yale University, where he/she met Bill Clinton, also a law student.

In 1974, Bill Clinton decided to return to Fayatteville, Arkansas, and Hillary followed while he/she saw a future for her as a lawyer in Washington or New York. There, in Arkansas, he/she taught law and married Bill in 1975 in the small town of Fayatteville.

Hillary was always a good law student, career that won numerous registrations. Advocate of freedoms, earned a good reputation as a lawyer, feminist and fighter for the rights of minorities, particularly of children. He/She has been member of the children's Defense Fund, progressive organization.

In Little Rock (Arkansas), worked at the law firm of Rose, and in 1991 was named one of the best lawyers in the country by the National Law Journal. Since 1974, year in which William Jefferson Clinton "Bill", was presented to the elections to Congress, where he/she was defeated, has helped it in the political decision-making and is its maximum follower, as demonstrated in the campaign for the presidential election of November 3, 1992.

During that campaign had to deal with the claims of the former cabaret singer Jennifer Flowers which he/she maintained relations with Bill Clinton for twelve years. Hillary, while her husband, said: "no I'm here as the poor young woman who comes to save her husband. I'm here because I want it, I respect him for what has happened and what we spent together..., if that is not enough for people, then to not vote him. This statement earned the sympathy of many American women. In fact, one electoral claims was "vote to the husband of Hillary".

The victory of her husband and the Democrat group became the first lady of the United States. On January 20, 1993, after the party by taking possession of Bill Clinton as the 42nd President of the United States, the Clinton family moved to the White House. During this stage was the Whitewater case, which soon lead to a scandal that affected the image of both, although it did not prevent the candidacy of Clinton, in 1996, for the President's re-election.

Hillary represented from the beginning to the most advanced sector of the United States and broke with the traditional archetype. On the role of women in public life have ensured that "is born a new world order in the relationship between the sexes". Hillary has controlled all the details of Bill Clinton's campaign. It has a reputation for being a woman with character, which cannot remain still or tolerate intrusions into his private life, so it has had some clashes with journalists. This was criticized by those who advocated a more traditional role for the first lady.

After his oath, President Clinton chose her to head a Special Commission on the reform of the health sector more innovative of the presidential program during his first year in office. In September 1994, a year after the Special Commission had submitted its report, and after several congressional committees propose alternative plans, has announced that I could not remember any proposal on health, and the report was filed. After this major setback, Hillary Clinton decided to occupy a role without public significance.

On 6 November 1996 was re-elected Bill Clinton as President of the United States, against the Republican Bob Dole. From this moment the submissive first lady who learned to look at her husband in a way rapt in each speech and changed his image to get closer to what the United States refers to first lady, had to confront one of the worst moments in his public and private life: the accusations against her husband of perjury and obstruction of Justice after have hidden her with a House former adulterous relationship White. In a first appearance before Congress, the President of the United States denied any relationship with the young intern, in an attempt to save their marriage and not muddy a positive public image. Finally, and before the grand jury, Bill Clinton acknowledged their relationship, cornered by numerous proofs.

This fact became the second President in the history of the United States, which is facing a process of dismissal, which finally came out gracefully to her husband. Hillary is not lacked in signals of support and solidarity of a large part of society with numerous women, leaders of opinion in other countries. Far from intimidating you, the first lady jumped into the first line of Defense for her husband, he/she accompanied at all times during the vote in the Senate in favor or against his dismissal. Triumphant, perhaps with more force the first lady than the President himself, some democratic politicians publicly expressed their support for the possible candidacy of Hillary for the Senate from New York. His political ambitions were realized in the election of November 7, 2000 that resulted elected Senator for New York State.