Biography of Francisco de Cobos (1477-1547)

Spanish official, born in Úbeda (Jaén) towards the year 1477 and died in 1547 in the same city.

From modest family, he/she entered the Court in the service of his uncle, the accountant and Secretary Diego Vela Allide. Slowly ascended into the Secretariat of the Catholic monarchs, to become main Assistant of Lope Conchillos. The death of Fernando the Catholic, went to Flanders, where was able to ingratiate himself with Chièvres and obtained the post of Secretary of the King Carlos V and take care of the formation of the Crown Prince, future Felipe II.

Cobos was one of the most important advisors of Carlos V, following the death of Gattinara (1530) the father Gómara ensures that all important Affairs of Spain, Italy and India passed through his hands. Taking advantage of its ascendant managed the Emperor granted Indian tax about the casting of precious metal assayer, smelter and score higher, climbing the 1 ' 5% of the value of all the molten metal. "The right of Cobos" was called for this reason and represented astronomical quantities, so it became one of the richest men in Spain. Part of these sums allocated them to the construction of his palace and churches in his hometown. The Cobos right was not rescued by the Crown until the middle of the 16th century.

Occupied in his later years in overcome the financial difficulties of the monarchy, fell sick in 1546, and died the following year in his hometown.