Biography of Zelea Corneliu Codreanu (1899-1938)

Romanian politician, born in Lasi on September 13, 1899 and died in the forest in Jilava, near Bucharest, on November 30, 1938.

He studied law and practiced law. From a young age he/she participated prominently in the Romanian political environment between 1919 and his death. In his university years, between 1919 and 1922 highlighted by its anti-communism and anti-Semitism. In 1922 was co-founder of the students Christian Association, Association attached to the National League for the defense of Christianity, which was led by an anti-Semitic University Professor. Accused of spreading the murder of traitors to the fatherland, in 1925 murdered Chief and two other members of the police in his hometown but left unpunished the accusation.

Later adhered to fascist ideas, so in 1927, year of the death of the Minister Angelescu, founded his own political party of ultra-nationalist trend, the Legion of the Archangel Miguel, party which from 1931, having a more militaristic cut, changed the name by the Iron Guard. This party, of great influence in 1937 during the Goga Government being the third most voted party, was characterized by advocating violent action and have a distinctly anti-Semitic.

In February 1938, the King of Romania, Carol II, assumed a political role growing, to act against the totalitarian policy of Codreanu. After the coup of January 1938, Carol II exercised its dictatorial power and sacked the Government and dissolved the Iron Guard. The King sent to jail in April 1938 to Codreanu, who had founded another party after the dissolution of the Iron Guard, for the homeland. Codreanu was killed by his guards when transported in a prison to another along with thirteen members of his political party while allegedly trying to escape.