Biography of Claudette Colbert (1903-1996)

French actress, whose real name was Lily Claudette Chaouchoin Loew Colbert, even though it is best known in the film world as Claudette Colbert. He/She was born in Paris on September 13, 1903 and his family emigrated to the United States when he/she was seven years old. He/She studied fine arts in New York, and after several roles in amateur theatre debuted in cinema with three Popes in 1927: the experience was a commercial and personal failure, and Claudette swore that he/she would never make a film. But it did not and in 1929 he/she was offered a contract at Paramount and accepted a role in his first sound film: A man of fortune, in 1930. Thereafter he/she continued making movies (more than 60) successful, to the point of signing with Paramount the most expensive contract in history. It highlighted especially in comedy, with elegant and sophisticated woman roles. He/She was nominated to the Óscar repeatedly; He/She was named "Highest grossing star of the year" in 1938 exhibitors and producers. He/She died on 1 August 1996 in New York.

Among his films must emphasize: the sign of the cross (1932), happened one night (1934, Óscar for best actress), Cleopatra (1934), under two flags (1936), the eighth female of Bluebeard (1938), white wedding (1944), it happened in the train (1946), Moon without a honeymoon (1948), destinies of women (1952) and Parrish (1961).


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