Biography of Fernando Colomo Gómez (1946-VVVV)

Director and Spanish cinema and television producer born in Madrid in 1946.

Film vocation left in him a deep imprint since his teens, when just 16 years directs Sssoufl, a short 8 mm He studied architecture and entered in the official school of cinematography, where he graduated as a decorator in what would be the last promotion. He soon collaborated on several short films during the early 1970s and directed tomorrow comes (1973) President, in an imaginary country (1974) and Imperial Pomporrutas (1976) through the producers Moridión Films, Zeppo Films or the salamander, which would produce his feature films and would be strengthened as a foreign producer.

Throughout the seventies, a group of young people (Fernando Trueba, Oscar Ladoire and Manolo Marinero and Carlos Boyero, critics among others) met with Colomo in the so-called "School of Argüelles", aimed (in the absence of means and places where to learn as they wanted) see American cinema. His learning was consolidated on a cinema idolized at the time, especially in the revision of the so-called classic film. However, Spanish society walked along other routes, and during the political transition, they decided to become, along with other more established directors, the alternative to the film, which eventually came to be called 'Madrileña comedy'. Capitalizing on their own work (and all those who follow your wake), Colomo decided to make the leap to the feature film with paper tigers (1977), a film interesting, fresh, promising, in which more or less familiar faces of the cultural environment of the era appeared in papers of different magnitude. Both Colomo and his contemporaries sought to bring everyday topics from the spontaneity and improvisation of the characters to the screen.

However, more resources and meet a few administrative mechanisms that facilitated them the development of their projects, Colomo began to show weaknesses in the stories, and although he always cared the image of them, stop glimpse the irregularity of his career. Has nothing to do the reflection I'm in crisis (1982) with the detachment with which dealt with the line of the sky (1983), an adventure New York little force on the characters; much less his foray into science fiction (the Knight of the dragon, 1985, which saw the higher budget been in Spanish cinema to date) or incomprehensible comedy Miss Caribbean (1988).

Happy life (1987) took care of the final product, showing its know-how in form, although the development of the plot recalled an apparent lack of passion, a far cry from his first feature film. After addressing the television project the girls of today (1991), he continued to move in the field of comedy with uneven works that do not break a path somewhat monotonous.

The versatile Colomo has become, with the passage of the years, a good producer and promoter of early work of young directors. Apart from its diversified creative path, demonstrated that taking forward projects it is as you have found a greater prestige in the profession. Can be mentioned in this regard films Manuel Iborra (the dance of the duck, 1989), Mariano Barroso (my brother's soul, 1993), Itziar Bollaín (Hi, are you alone?, 1995) or Inés París and Daniela Fejerman (my mother likes women, 2002), among others.

After participating in the collective film there is reason (2004), participated as an actor in things that make life worth (2004) and directed the Middle East (2006), a film humorously on the relations between the neighbors of the lifetime of the Madrid neighborhood of Lavapies and the presence of new fellow citizens, mostly of ethnic Indian.


As a director, screenwriter and producer

Short films

1973: Morning becomes President. 1974: In an imaginary country. 1976: You are going to be a mother; Imperial Pomporrutas.

Feature films

1977: Paper tigers. 1978: what does a girl like you in a place like this? 1979: Erotic short stories (an episode). 1980: the black hand. 1982: I'm in crisis. 1983: The sky line. 1985: The dragon Knight. 1987: The joyful life. 1988: miss Caribbean. 1989: Bajarse Al moro. 1993: rosa, Rosae. 1994: Alegre ma non troppo. 1995: The butterfly effect. 1998: Barbaric age. 1999: La Habana Quartet. 2002: Al sur de Granada. 2006: The Middle East.

Works for television

1991: The girls of today. 1995: That. 2001: Tell me you love me.

Other films as producer

1980: It opera prima. 1988: The dance of the duck. 1992: orquesta Club Virginia. 1994: My brother's soul (and script). 1994: between rojas. 1995: Jump into the void. 1996: Hi, are you alone? 1996: More than love frenzy (and actor). 1998: Atomic (and actor). 2002: women (and actor) my mother like you.

As an actor

1987: The impeccable sinner. 1991: Cocktail sauce. 1992 do they call it love when they mean sex? 1994: Everything is a lie. 1995: Word of mouth. 1996: Love can seriously damage your health. 2004: Things that make life worth the penalty.

As artistic director

1974: Goose in goose and shot because my turn. 1979: It opera prima.