Biography of Émile Combes (1835-1921)

French politician, born in Roquecourbe September 6, 1835 and died on May 25, 1921 in Pons (Charente Maritime).

He studied in a Catholic seminary, where he/she published his thesis entitled Psychologie of Saint Thomas d'Acquin; Despite that, walk time, eventually, break with Catholicism. He/She was the Vice President of the House of representatives in 1894 and 1895, he/she was then appointed Minister of public instruction (1895-1896) during the Cabinet of Léon Bourgeois, in which struggled to reorganize the primary teachings and media. In 1902, he/she was head of Government from where it carried a distinctly anti-clerical policy, which came even to the rupture between France and the Holy see in 1904. He/She defended the absolute separation of Church and State. Expelled and abolished the country's numerous religious orders came to get the Chamber to approve a law by which the Church prohibiting access to education, so enthralling you the role it had played since ancient times. In 1905 he/she resigned as speaker of the House following the election of Paul Doumer wrote some works as a Capagne laïque (1904), Une deuxième Campagne laïque (1905), and was called to be Minister without portfolio in order to form the Aristide Briand school in October 1915, despite his advanced age.