Biography of Ignacio Comonfort (1812-1863)

Military and Mexican politician, born in 1812 in Puebla and died near Soria (Guanajuato) mill in 1863. He/She studied in his hometown and was devoted to the cultivation of a property that had between Mexico and Puebla.

In 1847 was the Army Assistant throughout the campaign in the Valley. In 1854 he/she supported the plans of Ayutla and Acapulco who overthrew Santa Anna. He/She was appointed Minister by the Guerra in 1855 with the President Juan Álvarez and died this was appointed substitute Chairman. During his tenure he/she repressed the revolt of Puebla, put up for sale the church property, forbade the clergy the possession of territorial properties and promulgated a new Constitution. In 1857 a liberal Congress elected him President, but a year later a military pronouncement turned him away from power and exiled to the United States. He/She returned again to produce the French invasion (1861) and he/she was appointed general of the army of Juarez. He/She died assassinated in an ambush near the mill of Soria (Guanajuato) by a guerrilla army of Sebastián Aguirre.