Biography of Yves Congar (1904-1995)

French Dominican Eclesiologo, pioneer of ecumenism and Cardinal. He/She was born the year 1904 in the bulge. Child he/she attended a secular school. In early 1918, he/she felt the call and wanted to become a preacher. In 1921 he/she joined the Paris seminar, until 1924. He/She received classes at the Catholic Institute and among its teachers is the philosopher Jacques Maritain.

Between 1924 and 1925 he/she service military in Sant Cyr, and Kiel (Germany). This is where doubt between a Benedictine monk or Dominican friar. On the other hand already known the work of Saint Thomas of Aquino and the life of Santo Domingo, of father Lacordaire. In 1925 Jack the Dominican habit in the convent of Amiens.La commitment to ecumenism had it since his childhood, practically in 1928 or 1929, as had friends Protestants and Jews, sons of friends of his parents. But this vocation of ecumenist was consolidated when ordered priest in 1930.En the Centre of study Le Saulchoir, formed part of a real team, - Chenu, FĂ©ret, Congar, who worked with a new spirit of Thomistic, that will be the Foundation for the intellectual formation of the Dominican students. His thinking is influenced by the German reformer Luther; He/She felt special predilection for the Protestant theologian Karl Barth. Believed to have received much Anglican works of exegesis and history, as well as orthodoxy has also contributed enough to the ecumenist thought of Congar.La Congar life also has been marked by years of captivity during World War II, from 1941 to 1945. However, deployed some activity of intellectual types in various concentration camps, through numerous lectures given to his comrades.Another event that marked the life of Congar were uninterrupted denunciations and warnings that was subject or object from the year 1947 to 1956, due to their ideas expressed in the various published books. Thus, disunited Christians provided numerous headaches; True and false reform in the Church, as well as theology of the laity angered many ecclesial environments. 1954 was a particularly tough year. The General of the order communicates Congar and Chenu that Rome is restless for the guidance of the French Dominicans. From this, Congar depart voluntarily this atmosphere and goes to Jerusalem for a few months at the Bible School. Return to Paris, his superior shows you the new assignment that comes from Rome: to Cambridge, where it becomes almost throughout the year.In the context of the Second Vatican Council, the rehabilitation of the thought and life of the theologian Congar; occurs It is more than it overrun their valuable contributions to many Conciliar documents. Congar thought, in addition to the works already named, is on Christians in dialogue; Milestones for a theology of the laity; Christians in dialogue; Diversity and communion; and other many books and magazine articles. The church wanted to recognize the theological thought and its great contribution to the Council, ordering Cardinal of the Church in 1994. Full of wisdom, died in Paris the year 1995.