Biography of Sean Connery (1930-VVVV)

Sean Connery.

Born in Edinburgh on August 25, 1930 Scottish film actor. His real name is Thomas Sean Connery.

Of humble origins (his father was truck driver and his mother bred), his years of childhood passed in a poor neighborhood where showed a growing rebellion, which caused quite a few headaches to his family. As the environment where he lived was not to his liking, dropped out of school quickly and enlisted in the Navy, in whose forces spent a season until he also left them. Later worked in the most various trades: bricklayer painter of coffins or stagehand; He went so far as to stand for the Mr. universe contest. This situation, in your search for a job that could offer you some security, led him to the stage, where intervened as an actor in various theatrical projects. In 1951, he got a role in the musical South Pacific, which received a good response from audience and at the time had a film version made in United States.

Towards the middle of the 1950's he began his work in several British films, where took small roles. Thus, among others it appears in No Road Back (1956), directed by Montgomery Tully, and on the border of terror (1957), by Terence Young.

In those years a discreet British writer, Ian Fleming, who worked at the secret service, had published a series of novels whose protagonist was a "licensed to kill" agent whose name was James Bond. Novels, whose host was equally discreet, would feed the Western film to date, which became his character almost an emblem of the century. When he thought his film adaptation, the London Express newspaper held a contest to select the actor protagonist - during a brief period of time was managed the choice of Richard Burton. Finally, the chosen proved to be Sean Connery. His burly appearance and its good dose of irony contributed significantly to take a role that would mark his life as a professional actor.

1962 was the year in which Agent 007 against the Dr No, with direction from Terence Young, who had already worked with the actor was released. The film turned out to be a commercial success unprecedented in the genre. Entertaining, well narrated and with certain dose of eroticism - which for a long time would be one of the hallmarks of the series, Agent 007 became almost a sociological phenomenon and, of course, film. Although at the time Connery left the paper and other actors replaced him (as Rogert Moore), none has managed to give the character of Bond of magnetism which was awarded the Scottish actor.

During the Decade of the sixties, the actor was marked by that character, while the own Hitchcock, in the prime of his career, called him to be the protagonist of Marnie the thief (1964). The call showed that intelligent and astute director had captured that Connery, in addition to its image of secret agent, there were qualities of an actor, in the strictest sense of the word, that the time would corroborate.

From the Decade of the seventies, Connery began an important career that took him to work both in Hollywood and in Europe. His demeanor - which has not prevented him go assuming your aging with total class - and a voice really equipped for diction and the nuances, have made the Scottish actor an artist who has never gone unnoticed. His characters have had on many occasions a tone twilight, not devoid of a peculiar sense of humour, and have projected his career in an unstoppable manner. Include performances as those they had in the wind and the lion (1975), directed by the also screenwriter John Milius, or the man who could reign (1975), by John Huston.

For many years the actor has lived in Spain, specifically in Marbella, where has shot also important films, as it is the case of Robin and Marian (1976), directed by Richard Lester and coprotagonizada by Audrey Hepburn: a vision in the maturity of the characters of Robin Hood and his beloved lady Marian. Through the films of Errol Flynn has had forged an image of the characters funny, cheerful and even "gymnastic"; Lester saw them at the turn of the years: acids, sick and incapable of playing a world that no longer needed their maturity and their ailments.

After returning to the character of Bond in never say never again (1983; ironic title which evidenced that Agent 007 would be always linked to the actor), directed by Irvin Kershner, and with a young Kim Basinger, continued with its new interpretative path with the name of the rose (1986), Jean-Jacques Annaud, based on the famous novel of the same title by Umberto Eco; The untouchables (1987), directed by Brian de Palma and coprotagonizada by Kevin Costner and Andy GarcĂ­a, and which earned him his only Oscar.

Already become a renowned actor, his career has been extended throughout the 1990s with not-so-important films - sometimes acts in collaboration with minutes, only - but often have left a great taste, despite having made roles that would have sunk any other actor. It's been interpreted to mythical characters, as it may be the case that took place in the immortals (1986), next to the uneven Christopher Lambert, or even the King Arturo in the first Knight (1995), along with Richard Gere, who played Lancelot, to intervene in action films, as the hunt for Red October (1990), the rock (1996) or the trap (1998)not to mention others away from the film of action and adventure, such as Russia (1990) House or Playing by heart (1998), all of them with uneven results. He has even participated in another remake of Robin Hood in Robin Hood, Prince of thieves (1991), very far from the quality of Robin and Marian.

Connery has been interested in other aspects of the activity of the film, such as the production of the rising sun (1993) tape, directed by Philip Kaufman, with a background in the novel of the same title written by Michael Crichton. On the other hand, it has intervened in the Avengers (1998), a flojisima version of the television series that got so successful in the 1960s and where Connery performance has been considered as the only thing salvageable Ribbon. On the other hand, if he has been highlighted his characterization of the father of the legendary adventurer Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the last crusade (1989), by Steven Spielberg, the part end of a trilogy that has gone down in history of the cinema of adventure with a very prominent role.

Without a doubt, and with a long career behind him, Connery proved to be one of the most important players in the second half of century XX. If its beginnings is supported in some way in the desire to find a job that redeemed you a little bright, then with time life, it has proved to be more than someone intelligent and skillful, and has achieved through the film being an important personage, of interesting views including those of a well taken nationalism: Connery is a fervent supporter of his native Scotland gets independence from the United Kingdomcircumstance has not prevented him being an actor capable of taking on the values of traditional English society without any inconvenience. In fact, in November 1990, the British Academy of film and Television awarded the BAFTA Award for his contribution to the world of the cin, and in 2000, the British Government awarded him the degree of "Knight Bachelor".

Who was essential in the cinema of spies with his James Bond persona has demonstrated that, although with great discretion, European and American film of this century cannot be explained without citing Connery numerous times.

In recent years, Connery has been interested also in environments and virtual gaming situations. Thus, in 2005 he recorded voiceovers for a videogame based on the film From Russia with Love, the first involving Sean Connery as James Bond. In December of the same year he received a career award at the European film awards gala held in Berlin. Three years later, in August 2008, Connery presented his autobiography Being a Scot, co-written with Murray Grigor. In 2010 he returned to star in the animated Sir Billi, of which he was also Executive producer. In April 2011, the Sean Connery spokesman confirmed the withdrawal of the public stage actor.


Short films:

1967: The Castles of Scotland (storyteller). 1969: The Bowler and the Bonnet (director). 1981: Sean Connery Edinburgh Completo (actor).

Feature films:

1955: Let's Make Up (uncredited). 1957: Time Lock; The border of terror; Infernal route; No Road Back.1958: Brumas of inquietud.1959: the great adventure of Tarzan; Darby or ' Gill and the Little People.1961: the city under terror; Operation Snafu. 1962: The longest day; Agent 007 against the Dr No. 1963: the woman of straw; From Russia with amor.1964: James Bond against Goldfinger; Marnie, the thief. 1965: Operation Thunder; The Hill.1966: A wonderful crazy. 1967: Only live two veces.1968: Slako; The Red store. 1970: I hate in the bowels. 1971: Diamonds for eternity; Anderson in Manhattan. 1973: Zardoz; The ofensa.1974: murder on the Orient Express; Airport: SOS, flying secuestrado.1975: the wind and the lion; The man who could reinar.1976: Arabic; Robin and Marian. 1977: Lejano.1978 Bridge: the first great assault on the train. 1979: The heroes of the time; Meteor; Cuba.1981: Zero atmosphere. 1982: Objetivo mortal; Five days, a summer. 1983: Never say never again. 1984: The Green Knight. 1986: The name of the rose; The immortals. 1987: The untouchables; Stronger than the odio.1989: Indiana Jones and the last crusade; Family Negacios. 1990: The Russia House; The hunt for Red October. 1991: Robin Hood, Prince of thieves; The immortal II.1992: the last days of Eden (and prod. Executive). 1993: rising sun (and prod. Executive); A good man in Africa. 1995: It causes fair (and prod. Executive); The first caballero.1996: the rock (and prod. Executive); Dragonheart. Heart of dragon. 1997: The Vengadores.1998: Playing by Heart; The trap (and producer). 1999: Finding Forrester (and executive producer). 2003: the League of extraordinary men.

2005: 007: From Russia with Love (video game)

Other works for cinema:

1972: Spain golf field. 1988: memories of Me.

Some work for television:

1956: The Condemned. 1957: Dick Green of Dixon; Epitaph.1958: The Square Rig. 1959: The Crucible; Riders to the Sea. 1960: Colombo; Requiem for a Heavyweight.1961: Adventure Story; The Hollow Crown; The Road to Shrewsbury; Anna Karenina; Anna Christie. 1962: Macbeth. 1963: The Deposing of a King. 1969: Male of the Spieces. 1975: The Dream Factory. 1976: The Mike Douglas Show.