Biography of Xavier Corberó Olivella (1935-VVVV)

Sculptor and Spanish painter born in Barcelona in 1935.

He began his studies at the Massana School of Sumptuary arts of Barcelona in 1952, and expanded them in the Central School of Arts and Grafts of Londes, from 1955. In 1964, he/she gave lectures at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Arts Council of Miami. In 1972 he/she created the workshops of the Center's activities and artistic research in Catalonia.

He has alternated between painting and sculpture, and his work, conceived in a medium format, was created as a result of careful research, both the materials used and search forms, to create objects of great personality and style.

He has performed solo and group exhibitions in, among other places, Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Valencia, Miami, Chicago, Edinburgh, Zurich, New York, Tokyo, Berlin, Rotterdam, Pittsburg, Liège, Paris and Geneva, and has been recognized by several international awards, including the prize Manolo Hugué del Salon of may of Barcelona in 1960, the prize Ramon Rogen in the same classroom next year1961, and the Gold Medal of the State of Bavaria in 1963.

His work is distributed by various museums, including the Museum of contemporary art in Madrid, the Museum of abstract art in Cuenca, the Goldsmith's Hall in London, the Museum of modern art in New York, the Museum of modern art in Tokyo and the Staedlick Museum in Amsterdam.