Biography of Orso Mario Corbino (1876-1937)

Physicist and Italian politician born on April 3, 1876 in Augusta (Sicily) and died on January 25, 1937, in Rome. He was Assistant Professor of experimental physics of the University of Palermo and Professor of experimental physics at the University of Rome. In 1890 the Accademia dei Lincei gave him the prize for physics. Researched in the areas of optical and magnetooptical about disturbance to the magnetic field produced on the metal-free electrons, and discovered the deformation produced by the presence of a magnetic field in a sheet metal on the lines of electric current running through it, effect today known by its name. It also investigated applications of laws of variable currents in inductive circuits and on the properties of the metals at very high temperature. In 1920 he was appointed Senator; He subsequently held the positions of Minister of public instruction in the Cabinet Bonomi (1921-1922) and economy in the Mussolini (1923-1924).

His works include Sulla variazione della costante dielettrica per coibente (1897), Rotary trying trazione magnetic cei vaporì di sodium (1898-1903), Sulla doppia rifrazione circolare (1900) Reciprocità nei fenomini magneto-ottici (1905) and especially Osservazione spettroscopica delle luce d' intensità variabile (1905) and Coppie destate da campi innovazione its sfere conduttrice (1905).