Biography of Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713)

Composer and violinist, born in Fusignano February 17, 1653 and died January 8, 1713 in Rome. He/She studied in Bologna, a city that was then in full swing music. He/She was disciple of Bassani and master of many violinists and famous composers. In 1671 settled definitively in Rome, then very active cultural centre. During the first years of their stay in this city he/she joined as a violinist of various chapels and theatre orchestras. In 1679 he/she became first violin at the Teatro Capranica. His work Sonate de chiesa (op. 1, 1681) attracted the attention of musical means. A year later he/she was appointed choirmaster at the Church of San Luis de los Franceses. In 1687 he/she directed an orchestra of 150 instrumentalists in the Palace of Rome of the Queen Cristina of Sweden. Also that year stood at the forefront of the private Orchestra of Cardinal Pamphili and, subsequently, the cardinal Pietro Ottoboni. Famous both in Italy and abroad, he/she created the school of violin which put your name and spread throughout Europe. His work Sonatas for violin and bass (1700) represents a synthesis of its music mix of technique and expression. He/She died without publishing their Concerti grossi, works of great influence on the genre. Also author of 12 Sonatas da chiesa and da camera and 12 Sonatas for violin, you got a colossal effect baroque to interpret his Sonatas da chiesa and Concertti grossi up to hundred and fifty stringed instruments.