Biography of Kevin Costner (1955-VVVV)

Actor, director, and American producer born in Lynnwood (California) on January 14, 1955, whose full name is Kevin Michael Costner.


He spent his childhood traveling because of the work of his father, employed at the Southern California Edison. During his adolescence he was part of the Baptist church choir, wrote poetry and attended writing classes. With an innate inclination toward adventure, his own canoe was built at eighteen and fell by the rivers that followed explorers Lewis and Clark to the Pacific. Despite his stature, he managed to become a star in basketball, football and baseball. In 1973 he enrolled at the State University of Fullerton, California, to study business, at the time that attending acting classes five days a week. When he graduated, in 1978, married his girlfriend of the University, Cindy Silva, whom he divorced years later.

His early work started you in marketing, where he was working for the Raleigh Studios, in Los Angeles, but on a flight to Mexico he was lucky to encounter with Richard Burton and it recommended that if his dream was to be an actor, he should pursue it until the end. Shortly after, he moved to Hollywood. There he served all kinds of jobs until in 1982, he had the opportunity to intervene in four films. Although they were short appearances, one of them French, which allowed him to work alongside Jessica Lange, was a critical and box office success and earned him that Lawrence Kasdan set on it to star in Silverado (1985). Over titles such as where does it say to you're going? (1985) or Shadows Run Black (1986), Costner was learning the trade, not only in front of the camera, but also according to everything that was happening behind her.

From 1987, his career took a major turn with the untouchables, where shared poster with Robert de Niro and Sean Connery. The film, based on the novel by Oscar Fraley and you honor to historical titles such as Battleship Potemkin in his famous scene from the Odessa steps, and the impeccable direction of Brian de Palma made it a success. The production was cared for down to the last detail. De Niro did own tailors who had dressed Capone to make him suits custom-made for the film and used toilet utensils that had belonged to the mobster. The untouchables of Elliot Ness will continue to not output (1987), is a political-military thriller where shared poster with Sean Young; The buffalos of Durham (1988), where he had the opportunity to interpret a player from his favorite sport, baseball, and field of dreams (1989), also with sports theme and next Renée Russo.

The arrival of the Decade of the nineties marked another turning point in his career. In 1990 he starred in Revenge, a frontier drama that reunited him with Anthony Quinn and Madeleine Stowe and, Furthermore, decided to try his luck behind the camera with one of the emblematic movies of the Decade, dances with wolves (1990). Costner starred in, directed and produced the film in an attempt to recover the friendly Native Americans figure, using their language in the film, something not very common in American cinema. The risk brought few benefits, but in February 1995, Costner and his brother Dan began to build a leisure centre in Black Hills, South Dakota, on a land that Indian Lakota, they defended in his film, considered sacred, and had been trying to recover since 1887. Costner, who was named honorary Lakota after the film, plunged the Indian people in a great disappointment. In addition to box office success, dances with wolves won seven Oscar (photography, assembling, direction, music, sound adapted screenplay and best film) and Costner threw directly to a position of privilege within the industry. He used what they had learned during their times in business student, and alternated the interpretation with the direction and production.

In 1991, he starred in two blockbusters. JFK, open case and Robin Hood, Prince of thieves. It was the culminating moment of Costner. The last bet on the classic adventure, where Sean Connery made a brief cameo appearance that claimed 250,000 dollars donated to charity; and in the first, under the orders of Oliver Stoneand based on the book of the Prosecutor Jim Garrison, by the controversy, given that the film questioned the report which had been awarded the death of President Kennedy to one man.

Costner was maintained throughout the 1990s with titles such as a perfect world (1993) and Wyatt Earp (1994), but his next project as Co-Director, Waterworld, was a ruin, which only recovered a few years later. Two hundred million dollars and two years led to finish the film, who suffered the destruction of all the decorated because of a tornado and did not obtain the results expected. Actually the film began to direct Kevin Reynolds, who had already worked with Costner in Robin Hood, Prince of thieves but with what seemed an impossible Enterprise withdrew and Costner insisted on completing the work. His new challenge as director was a Messenger from the future (1997), which also starred in and produced; It did not cause any sensation and made that Costner will focus in interpretation and temporarily in the production, although it took him to relive the times of early 1990s, when he was nominated for the MTV awards for her performance in the bodyguard (1992). Commercial disaster of their latest incursions behind the camera not subtracted illusion to Costner that, in 2002, returned to direct a film of jeans, Open Range.


As an actor:

1982: Shift at night; Stacy's Knights; French; Chasing Dreams. 1983: Final testament; Table for five; Reunion. 1984: The Gunrunner. 1985: Silverado; You say where you're going?; American Flyers. 1986: Sizzle Beach, U.S.A.; Shadows Run Black. 1987: The untouchables; There is no output. 1988: The buffalos of Durham. 1989: Field of dreams. 1990: Revenge (and producer); Dancing with wolves (producer and director). 1991: Robin Hood, Prince of thieves; JFK: case opened. 1992: The bodyguard (and producer); John Barry-Moviola; Beyond JFK: The Question of Conspiracy. 1993: A perfect world. 1994: Wyatt Earp (and producer); The War: War; A Century of Cinema. 1995: Waterworld (and producer and director). 1996: Tin Cup. 1997: Messenger of the future (producer and director). 1999: message in a bottle (and producer); In love; Play it to the Bone. 2000: Thirteen Days (and producer); 3000 miles to Graceland.

Works for television:

1985: Amazing Tales (series, actor). 1995: 500 Nations (series, presenter and producer). 1999: Intimate Portrait: Kelly Preston (actor).


1994: rapa Nui.