Biography of Quinto Claudio Cuadrigario (s. I a.C.)

Roman historian of the immediate aftermath of Sila. In accordance with his more pragmatic spirit, Quadrigario decided that his history of Rome begin from the year 390 BC when considering that it was impossible to know exactly what happened before that date, in which the city and their files had burned through the work of the Gauls. His story was delayed over twenty-three books and reached up to his own time (the past narrated facts date at 82 a. C). It is believed that for the narration of the past it served as the work of Gaius Acilius, whose history of Rome written in Greek translated into latin. The work of Quadrigario presents a style, full of archaisms, technicalities and poetic terms. It was very appreciated by Tito Livio, who served him as a source for their own history.


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