Biography of Xavier Cugat (1900-1990)

Musician and Spanish artist, whose full name was Francisco De Asis Javier Cugat Mingall De Bru i Deulofeo, born 1900 erero 1 in the Catalan city of Girona, and died in Barcelona, in 1990. Son of an anarchist, his family emigrated to Cuba four years after his birth. Cugat studied music and in his youth worked as a violinist in bands of coffee and even in the Symphonic Orchestra of Havana. In 1921, he/she emigrated to the United States and formed a small band of tangos, Xavier Cugat and his gigolos, which served the country in 1927 and 1928. At the beginning of the Decade of the thirties, Cugat played in the Hollywood area, which led him to act in films and even the music of some of them, facts that cemented his reputation.

But it was from 1935, formed already his Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra, when they started to get the hottest hits of his career. "Begin the beguine" (1935) and "To Vigo me voy" (1936), were their first issues of great impact, with dance music, but with great Latin content. In scene was complemented his Orchestra with dancers and some eye-catching vocalist, as Carmen Castillo. "Brazil" or "Balabu" were examples of this catchy style, and, at the end of the 1940s, he/she appeared in a number of musicals, such as Holiday in Mexico (1946) or Luxury Liner (1948).

In the 1950s, and as a great character who was, made frequent appearances on American television, devoting himself more to live to other duties, until in 1971 an attack will definitely retired from the public scene. He/She returned to Catalonia and lived his last years between the Ritz hotel and coronary units of Barcelona. He/She died at the end of 1990.