Biography of Tony Curtis (1925-2010)

Tony Curtis

Film actor American born in the New York District of the Bronx on June 3, 1925 and died on September 29, 2010, in Las Vegas. His real name was Bernard Schwartz.


Its origins are European; his father was a Jewish tailor of Hungarian origin who had emigrated to the United States. As every son of emigrant from humble family in those years, he had to endure a difficult childhood in the legendary Bronx neighborhood, famous for its conflicts and clashes between gangs and police. Bernard did military the service in the Navy and, at the end of it, decided to try to get out of the environment surrounding him. So, he began studies in dramatic art at the Workshop school, and began a long string of performances as an amateur in theatres in outlying areas. It was in one of those performances when he was discovered by an employee of Universal Studios.

Leisurely way started to have contacts with the film, and began a career that will take you to become one of the Heartthrobs of 1960s fashion and have a long career as an actor in Hollywood in which have occurred since very important successes up to resounding failures. His first speech is in the embrace of death (1949), directed by Robert Siodmak, behind which are scanned a myriad of titles as a child.

The director, also of Hungarian origin, Rudolph Mate already made him protagonist of his Highness the thief (1951), and returned to work on the film's atmosphere medieval black armor (1954), in which worked alongside the actress Janet Leigh, which will marry and later she will divorce, and that will be to the now famous Jamie Lee Curtis. Gina Lollobrigida and Burt Lancaster it worked on Trapeze (1956), directed by the then famous Carol Reed, a film with some commercial success and came to corroborate that Curtis was an actor with pull at the box office and known among the public.

Although not very high, it possessed a physical attractive important, with one of the most photogenic faces of Hollywood actors. This joined his interpretative skills and versatility, making it go from comedy to action or cinema era, to become one of the best-known stars of the film industry in those years.

A director characterized by hardness of their shootings and topics as it was Richard Fleischer joined him filming the Vikings (1958), along with Kirk Douglas and again Janet Leigh. That same year Stanley Kramer was filmed with the fugitives, which was nominated for the Oscar, even though he did not get it.

1959 was one of his best years, he worked in two comedies that, especially one of them, have made school within the genre. First in operation Pacific, directed by Blake Edwards, in which shared credits with Cary Grant and was a womanizer and elegant Navy officer. However, this year was very important for him for his involvement with skirts and crazy, mythical title of the story of the film, directed by Billy Wilder, which mingle with talented social criticism, the more nonsensical humor and the impersonation to weave acid storyline and incredibly fun. Coprotagonizada by Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lemmon, Wilder was able to compose an interpretive trio as few within the genre of comedy.

Already with his fame consolidated, Curtis become Heartthrob par excellence of the sixties as an interpreter of dramatic works, although sometimes your selection of titles enough left to be desired. Among his most outstanding films of this period we can mention Spartacus (1960), Stanley Kubrick and written by Dalton Trumbo, where embodied the role of Antonino; and the choke of Boston (1968), again at the hands of Richard Fleischer, police issue. Among the comedies is the great race (1965), with Blake Edwards and that again sometime Curtis becomes autoparodiarse itself.

From the 1970s will continue to work, but its prestige will be decreasing for several reasons. First, a serious problem of alcoholism, which will cost you quite work out; and, secondly, because, as has happened to many actors and actresses of great physical beauty, it not assimilated the passage of time neither knew consequently adapt to roles that were not already galan or young characters. Because of this last, he underwent multiple plastic surgery operations that greatly changed his face. After a long period of success, Curtis was doomed to more than discreet stakes in not-very-important films that walked away him definitively from the roster of Hollywood stars.


1949: Take One False Step (uncredited); Forbidden address; City Across the River; Francis; Johnny Stool Pigeon; The embrace of the muerte.1950: Winchester 73; Sierra; I Was a Shoplifter; Kansas Raiders.1951: The Prince Who Was a Thief.1952: No Room for the Groom; Flesh and Fury; Meet Danny Wilson; Son of Ali Baba.1953: The Great Houdini; Forbidden; The All American.1954: Six Bridges to Cross; Beachhead; Johnny Dark; So This Is Paris; The Black Shiel of Falworth.1955: The Square Jungle; The Purple Mask.1956: trapezius; The Rawhide Years.1957: the fearsome Mr Cory; Blackmail on Broadway; The Midnight Story.1958: ashes in the Sun; Fugitives; The vikingos.1959: operation Pacific; Free wedding vacation; With skirts and the loco.1960: lost in the city; Who is that girl?; The great deceiver; Spartacus. 1961: The sixth heroe.1962: Bachelor in trouble; Taras Bulba. 1963: The last of the list; Paris When it Sizzles.1964: Goodbye, Charlie; The rogue maiden; Captain Newman; Wild and Wonderful.1965: Boeing, Boeing: the race of the siglo.1966: jokes with my wife, no; Arrivederci. 1967: Waist di castità; Don't make waves; The Chamber of Horrors.1968: the seed of the devil; Boston.1969 choke: the Montecarlo.1970 rally: are tonight going war?; You can't Win'Em All.1975: Lepke.1976: the last magnate.1977: Casanova and Co; The Manitou.1978: Sextet; The Bad News Bears Go To Japan; It Rained All Night the Day Left. 1979: Tittle Shot; Double Take.1980: Mirror broken; The rogue and its prenda.1982: Othello, the black command; Balboa; Brainwaves. 1984: Where is Parsifal? 1985: Insignificance; Club Life; King of the City.1986: Balboa.1988: Welcome to Germany; Midnight; The Last of Philip Banter.1989: Lobster Man from Mars; Walter and Carlo I Amerika.1991: Prime Target.1992: Center of the Web.1993: The Mummy Lives.1994: Naked in New York; A Century of Cinema.1995: The immortals; Oculto.1997 celluloid: Brittle Glory; Hardball; Louis & Frank; Stargames.

Works for television:

1957: General Electric Theater (episode "Goring"). 1960: the flintstones; StarTime (episode "The Young Juggler"). 1971: The Persuaders (series). 1972: The ABC Comedy Hour.1973: The Third Girl from the Left.1974: The Big rip-off. 1975: McCoy (series); The count of Monte Cristo. 1978: The Users; Vega$ (series). 1980: The Scarlett O'Hara War.1981: Inmates: A Love Story; The Million Dollar Face.1982: Portrait of a Showgirl.1983: The Fall Guy (episode "Eight Ball"). 1986: Murder in Three Acts; Mafia Princess.1989: Tarzan in Manhattan. 1990: Thanksgiving Day. 1992: Christmas in Connecticut. 1993: Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.1994: Sunday Night Clive; Bandit: Beauty and the Bandit; To Governor.1996: Roseanne (episode "Ballroom Blitz"). 1997: Elvis Meet Nixon (uncredited). 1998: Clive Anderson All Talk; Suddenly Susan (episode "Matchmaker, Matchmaker").