Biography of Dámaso I. Papa y Santo (366-384)

Of Spanish origin, the future pope Damasus was born in Rome, around the year 304. He was the youngest son of a Spanish family that attracted attention by his religious enthusiasm. The boy started the reading of Sacred Scripture, liturgical texts and the acts of the martyrs.

From a very young became a part of the clerical class; He was incardinated in Rome and faithfully served the Pope St. Liberius, to be banished with him, as his deacon.He was elected Bishop of the Church of Rome, i.e. Pope, the year 366, in dire times, and presided at the headquarters of Pedro for eighteen years. It happened at the headquarters to Saint Liberius. He was to meet frequent synods against schismatics and heretics; so it was called in the proceedings of the Synod faith diamond. He called the Ecumenical Council of Constantinopla.tambien was great promoter of the cult of the martyrs whose graves decorated with his own verses. It was entrusted to St. Jerome the official Latin edition of Scripture, translation Vulgata of the Biblia.Algunos priests refused to recognize the authority of Dámaso and appointed the antipope Ursino, situation which caused even some violent confrontations; but Damaso managed to establish the primacy of Rome and assert the supremacy of the Bishop of Rome as the first bishop of the world.At the age of eighty, welcomed the strength of the triumph of the martyrs, who professed endearing devotion, Pope Damasus died on December 11, the year 384. The Pope St. Siriciussucceeded him.