Biography of Yuli "Arzhak" Daniel (1925-1988)

Russian Narrator, born in Leningrad in 1925 and died on December 30, 1988. His first contact with literature came from the hand of the translation, testing and works published in the Novy Mir magazine. Under the pseudonym of Arzhak, hands, work that began a series of writings which, along with elements of an idealistic utopia, presented a bold denunciation of violence by heavy machinery bureaucrat on the citizen published in 1958 foot: Moscow to speech (1960), man of Minap (1961) and Atonement (1961).

Accused of spreading abroad anti-Soviet literature, in 1966 he/she was arrested and sentenced along with Andrei Sinyavsky Donatevich; Daniel suspended his literary activity, but did not abandon the USSR.