Biography of Jorge Dávila Vázquez (1947-VVVV)

Ecuadorian writer, born in Cuenca in 1947. He specialized in language and literature at the University of his native city, and also studied theatre in France. He is Professor at the Manuel j. Calle College and the Catholic University of Ecuador, based in Cuenca. In addition to the field of narrative, it has also made inroads into drama - as actor and author-, in poetry and literary research. His main works are: new song of Eurydice and Orfeo (1975), María Joaquina in life and in death (novel that won the national prize for literature "Aurelio Espinosa Pólit" in 1976), vicious circle (short stories, 1977), oblivion (tales, 1977) times and narratives (in collaboration with Eliecer Cardenas, 1979). In his writings manifest an evocative realism, in a very refined language.