Biography of James Dean (1931-1955)

James Dean.

American actor born on February 8, 1931 in Marion (Indiana) and died on September 30, 1955 in Paso Robles (California).

James Dean

The father of James Dean, Winton, a dentist whose clientele came from the surroundings of Marion, Indiana, decided to emigrate to Los Angeles in search of professional fortune. The small Dean had only five years of age when the transfer took place. Three years later, a cancer victim, died Mildred, her mother, and the child was taken to the Midwest, where he lived on a farm that his uncles were in Iowa. His favorite hobbies include baseball, ice hockey and track and field sports in which noted despite a low privileged physical Constitution and a slight visual defect. Also, I used to ride a horse, and once reached adolescence, is devoted to motorcycles, participating in various races with his Czech Whizzer from 1947.

After graduating from the local Institute, he continued his studies in California, where he attended the Santa Mónica Junior College before enrolling at the University of California Angeles (UCLA). To feel attracted by the theater, became part of the performing group directed by James Whitmore. Soon after, already participated as an actor in television commercials. To 1951, following the signs for Whitmore, he traveled to New York in order to promote his career. In this city he embodied episodic roles on television and he was selected to perform on Broadway one of the secondary characters of the work See the Jaguar. By this time, he received classes in the Actor's Studio, adopting the mannerisms of those who attended this school of interpretation, a style which gave a significant sample in the role that embodied in another function of Broadway The Immoralist (1954).

Short time later, attended a session of test at Warner Bros. Studios. In just two years he shot three hugely successful films: East of Eden (1955) of Elia Kazan, rebel without a cause (1955) by Nicholas Ray and giant (1956) by George Stevens. By means of the trio of characters who embodied in these productions, Dean went on to embody the most effective youth stereotype of postwar. Disdainful, off-beat, tortured and search for intense passions, that model came to formulate a contemporary myth when the own Dean died unexpectedly. The accident that ended his life happened while he was driving his Porsche heading to Salinas, where should participate in a motor racing. Given the circumstance that had earlier competed in the slopes of Palm Springs and Bakersfield, but their skill against the wheel of anything served on this occasion.

Despite his early death, Dean kept his legendary profile throughout the 20th century, motivating campaigns advertising, covers of magazines and music albums, and even commemorative films such as September 30, 1955 (1978), by James Bridges. Currently, his admirers continue traveling to the town of Fairmount to know the places where dwelt the actor while he was raised by his aunt and uncle.

James Dean in one of most well known images.


Feature films

1951: pair of marine go!; Fixed Bayonets. 1952: has Anybody Seen My Gal? 1955: Rebel without a cause; To the East of Eden. 1956: Giant.

Other cinematographic works that

1953: Trouble Along the Way. 1954: A Star Is Born World Premiere (newsletter). 1955: Warner Pathé News Issue No. 87. 1957: The James Dean Story. 1975: James Dean, the First American Teenager. 1976: America at the Movies. 1984: Hollywood Outtakes. 1988: Forever James Dean.

Works for television

1950: Beat the Clock; The Stu Erwin Show. 1951: Family Theatre (episode titled "Hill Number One"); Tales of Tomorrow. 1952: Studio One (episodes titled "Abraham Lincoln" and "Ten Thousand Horses Singing"); The United States Steel Hour (episode titled "Prologue to Glory"); Lux Video Theatre (episode titled "The Foggy, Foggy Dew"); The Web (episode titled "Sleeping Dogs"). 1953: Robert Montgomery Presents (episode titled "Harvest"); Armstrong Circle Theatre (episode titled "The Bells of Cockaigne"); Kraft Television Theatre (episodes titled "A Long Time Till Dawn" and "Keep Our Honor Bright"); Campbell Playhouse (episodes titled "Life Sentence" and "Something for an Empty Briefcase"); Omnibus (episode titled "Glory in the Flower"); The Big Story (episode titled "Rex Newman, Reporter for the Globe and News"); Danger (episodes entitled "Death Is My Neighbor" and "No Room"); Studio One (episode titled "Sentence of Death"); Tales of Tomorrow (episode titled "The Evil Within"); Treasury Men in Action (episodes titled "The Case of the Sawed Off Shotgun" and "The Case of the Watchful Dog"); You Are There (episode titled "The Capture of Jesse James"). 1954: General Electric Theater (episodes titled "The Dark, Dark Hours" and "I m A Fool"); Danger (episodes titled "Padlocks" and "The Little Woman"); The Philco Television Playhouse (episode titled "Run Like a Thief"). 1955: Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (episode titled "The Unlighted Road"); The United States Steel Hour (episode titled "The Thief"); Warner Brothers Presents (guest appearance).

Other works that

1989: Remembering James Dean. 1991: Idols; James Dean Gallery video tour. 1992: James Dean Memorial Weekend. 1993: Fame in the Twentieth Century. 1996: James Dean: A Portrait; Rediscovering a Rebel. 1997: Great Romances of the 20th Century: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. 2000: Elizabeth Taylor: A Musical Celebration; Elizabeth Taylor: England's Other Elizabeth. 2002: Shirtless: Hollywood completo Sexiest Men.


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