Biography of John Deere (1804-1886)

American inventor, born on February 7, 1804 in Rutland, in the State of Vermont, and died on 17 may 1886 in Moline, Illinois, known as a pioneer in the construction of agricultural machinery.

At seventeen years of age, Deere, as a blacksmith's apprentice, he/she realized the need for improvement of the time cast iron plows, and to that end he/she devoted most of his life. In his hometown began to build plows with greater resistance, and when the demand of plows increased moved to Moline, Illinois, much better communicated. About 1850 he/she began to build the first plows from steel, alloy that mattered from the United Kingdom. He/She convinced American manufacturers of the need to make a steel of comparable quality, and so at the end of the decade the annual production of plows reached 10,000. In 1868 he/she founded with his son and his son-in-law John Deere & Company, which over time has become one of the leading firms in the construction of tractors, combines and other agricultural machinery.