Biography of Miguel M. Delgado (1905-1994)

Director of Mexican cinema, born in 1905 and died in 1994. Known mainly for its association with Mario Moreno Cantinflas, Miguel Delgado is, without doubt, the most popular of the Mexican filmmakers of all ages. Worker tireless, he wrote adaptations and the settings of each of his films and performed thoroughly each of them accurately from craftsman. Was a great companion for the great Mexican comic Cantinflas, who directed most of his films achieved a symbiosis between the humor of that and this Chamber.

There is a calculation clear about the number of films that directed Delgado (some are 300 and others more), but the truth is that there are very few Directors in the world with so many accomplishments under his belt. It is considered as Cantinflas film master and, therefore, as a true father of Mexican humor.


1941-the unknown policeman; My Merry Widow. 1942, the three Musketeers; The circus. 1943, Romeo and Juliet; The courier of the Czar (Miguel Strogoff). 1944, great Hotel; The secret of the old maid; A woman who does not lie. 1945, one day with the devil; Schoolgirls. 1946, am a fugitive; The bridge of the punishment; A strange woman; All a Knight. 1947, to fly, young!. 1948, supersabio; The magician. 1949, the goalkeeper; You, only you. 1950, female Mala; The seven males; Minors; Atomic firefighter. 1951, women's prison; She and I; If I was a Member; What is concealed to the world (the Cardinal). 1952, the border; The photographer Lord; The commoner; The solterones. 1953, the sixth race; Your memory and I; Singing is born love; Knight custom. 1954, la gitana blanca; Chucho el Roto; Mortal sin; The devil women; Love scam; iAbajo the telonl; The ghost of the House roja.1955, the strength of desire; The maid of stone; The widows of the cha-cha cha; The televisionudos; Pride of women; The woman with two faces. 1956, path of evil; Killers of the night; Hours of agony; No me platiques Bolero de Raquel. 1957, el zarco; Gold guns; Mysteries of black magic. 1958, carbine 30 - 30; My girl and I; Up and down; Black Sabbath; They say that I am a bad man; Blessed among women; The pistolocos. 1959, I not my case, my friend; Of such suit, like son; Silver bullet; Silver bullet in the damn town; The cat; (The slippery) advantage players. 1960, Bronco Reynosa; The illiterate; The five Falcons. 1961, nearly married; Rent a husband; I'm married,... ja ja...; They return five hawks. 1976 women's cabaret. 1977, the Indian; is not guilty The patrol 777. 1978, oye Salomé! 1988, to enjoy, to enjoy, that the world is going to end! Bus station; The shameful. 1989, if my bed to speak.