Biography of Jack Dempsey (1895-1983)

American boxer, whose real name was William Harrison. Known as Jack Dempsey, is one of the myths of all time boxing and the first world champion of the heavyweights who achieved true world fame. Humble family, he worked in his youth as a stevedore, stonemason, or Miner, starting to fight at amateur nights. His prodigious strength attracted the attention of some managers and became a professional Boxer in 1914. From there his career was always rising, becoming a very famous figure in the United States, but resigned to enlist for World War I and the suspicions that his manager had manipulated some fighting earned him the sympathy of public opinion. However, it regained them in 1919 beating Jason Willard in combat for the world title of the heavy weights in one of the most violent fights of all time. Dempsey defended his title successfully seven times, in mythical, as against Carpenter Frenchman fights or the Argentine Firpo who gave their title range really world, although the beginning of a film career kept him inactive from 1923 to 1926. He lost the title in 1927 to Genne Tunney and withdrew once in the rematch bout I got to knock him down and the referee will prolong the count of ten to fourteen seconds, giving you the option to continue in combat.


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