Biography of Catherine Deneuve (1943-VVVV)

French film actress born in Paris (France), on October 20, 1943. Real name Catherine Dorléac.

His family was of actors and both his parents and his sister, the ill-fated Françoise Dorléac, form an important dynasty of the French interpretation. Although all of them has been Catherine, who has a prestige and popularity far above others. The reasons for this have been multiple, and range from its quality as an actress to the beauty that still captivates many people. A person with these characteristics, it almost seems normal that it engaged in the film, which debuts at the age of fourteen, in a film of Andrè Hunebelle, entitled Les collégiennes (1957).

In love with the peculiar director Roger Vadim, this will be the Manager do that all focus on it and begin to repair in the serene and blonde girl. The tape that becomes its discoverer is one with the suggestive name of Vice and virtue (1962), an adaptation of the novel of the Marquis de Sade, when he/she was not yet 20 years. However it will be Jacques Demy, a director associated to some extent with the "Nouvelle vague", who presented him the opportunity of becoming an actress beyond her physical attractiveness in the umbrellas of Cherbourg (1963), a European musical that achieved an outstanding success.

From that moment all the directors in Europe, are attracted by its figure and offer a number of important roles, which have passed to the history of modern European cinema. Which shows also the intuition of Deneuve to select characters that leave a footprint in the public. Thus, it should be noted his interpretations in Repulsion (1964), Roman Polanski, film, between intriguing and surreal filmed in England which gave the opportunity to shine in a job, in which interprets a girl's hair full of repressed desires, with a strong sexual Catherine.

In 1966, the Spanish director, praised and recognized as one of the major figures in the history of the cinema, Luis Buñuel, gives the role protagonist in Belle de jour. His interpretation of a well-to-do bourgeois, who want to work in a brothel and discover a world of stark sex, brutal and singular turned it into a real star. François Truffaut, one of the best-known figures in French cinema after World War II, was protagonist of the siren of the Mississippi (1969), which performed with Jean Paul Belmondo; an avant-garde film that once attracted the critical attention by your installation and use of the sound.

Again Luis Buñuel who had decided to return to work in Spain, called it in 1970 to embody Tristana, the character of Benito Pérez Galdós, protagonist of the novel of the same title with the film of the same name, having cast mate of Fernando Rey.

For some time, he/she also worked in the United States, but did not get the desired results and decided to return to France, where either there or in other European countries, continued his career until now.

Although his activity has not has stalled, if it has decreased its pace of work, trying to make a film of "quality", very French style, which has not always achieved good results. However, noteworthy production Indochina (1992), of Régis Wargnier, a brilliant movie, where Catherine is assimilating with elegance and charm mature woman roles, which was designated for the Oscar.

In 1994 he/she works for the Portuguese Manoel de Oliveira, beside John Malkovich, in interesting and strange film the convent. It will also intervene in Place Vandome (1998), loose movie that her interpretation was most remarkable.

Her love life has known a couple of marriages: with Vadim and the English photographer David Bailey. It has also been linked with actor Marcello Mastroianni, with whom he/she had a daughter.

Catherine Deneuve has been an actress who has managed to live and manage perfectly your beauty and dramatic ability. A refined appeal, some have considered rather cold, but perfect, was chosen to serve as a model to the busts that symbolize France from its revolution, iconography in which replaced Brigitte Bardot. He/She has managed as very few actresses embodying the values of middle class and a bourgeoisie that has made fashion, called "the heart" magazines and their adaptation to almost all of the changes, a way of being and acting.

Elegant, majestic and somewhat distant, Catherine has managed to adapt to time step and their models with naturalness, becoming mayor without giving the feeling of time passing over it. In addition, has always had a talent for the different roles that you have had to interpret, always maintaining a considerable height in all his appearances on screen and learning from the handful of excellent managers that has work throughout his career.

Since the 1990s, converted into what is called a great lady, is dedicated, while selecting scripts, to the main European capitals attending fashion shows, posing for photo shoots and exalting any event of interest to the society, which has recognized it as one of his female models for excellence with its presence. He/She has also starred in some films of remarkable international impact, like dancing in the dark, by Lars Von Trier.

In 2004 he/she published the book in the shadow of myself, a story that reels the notebooks of filming throughout his long career. That same year rolled along with André Téchiné film times change, a reflection on the feasibility of love in different aspects.


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Other interventions on film:

1970: Henri Langlois.

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1985: Vivement Truffatu.