Biography of Maurice Delton Welch (1915-1948)

English writer born in Shanghai (China) in 1915 and died in 1948. Writer of cult in the Anglo-Saxon world despite his short life and little production, from his first book, Miaden Voyage (1943), became a kind of fetish for some beat writers; William Burroughs came to assert repeatedly that Welch was the writer who had most influenced him.

Son of a British businessman who had established its commercial office in Shanghai, his childhood and his early adolescence was marked by the frequent trips of back and forth between China and the United Kingdom, and by the early death of his mother when he was 11 years old.

He studied fine arts at the prestigious Goldsmith School of Arts and oriented his cart toward the painting and literature. But a great event determined his life and his work. When he was 20 years old a truck coiled bicycle riding, running from then partially invalid. He died in 1948, at 33 years of age, as a result of the aftermath of the accident.

His literature was marked by the before and the after that fateful fact. Much of their production is an exploration of those sensations and experiences of the world you knew before the accident. First came the Maiden Voyage, a narrative of her stay in a school that ended up running away to continue his adventures in China. In Youth is Pleasure (1945), tells the turbulent and tormented inner world of an adolescent of 15 years, their anguish and bitterness. Then came A Voice Trough to Cloud (1950), which relates especially to his accident and intensely vivid painful memories. Your newspapers, were also important primary source of his later books.