Biography of Johnny Depp (1963-VVVV)

Actor of American film, whose full name is John Christopher Depp III, born June 9, 1963 in Owensboro (Kentucky).

Son of a technician and a waitress, spent his early years in Vancouver (Canada), where, carried their penchant to music, he/she is linked with the environment of the rock and took his first steps as a guitarist in musical ensembles of second row not too bright. However, this relationship has contributed to put you in touch with the cinema. Their appearance did not pass unnoticed hunters film faces: on the one hand, Depp has a pose between child and teenager to giving you a naïve appearance; on the other hand, exhales an air of coldness that balances the innocence and endows him with some ambiguity. Also, it has a great facility for camouflaging, which serves to embody very different roles, and his youth - although it already has more than thirty years - has made him connect with a group of spectators who are identified with the behavior of many of his characters on the screen.

He began his film career playing supporting roles in films of the 1980s. It appeared in a nightmare on Elm Street (1984), from Wes Craven, a huge success of the new cinema of terror that calo deeply in the youth and that marked the start of a long sequel. Two years later he/she got a role in Platoon, Oliver Stone, and started to become popular. A character in the television series new cops (1987) as a means of reaching a wider audience was then offered, and the success of the series obtained led him back to the cinema, where already starred some films enough popularity and quality.

He was the protagonist of Eduardo Manostijeras (1990), Tim Burton, embraced by Vincent Price and Winona Ryder, and then participated in the dream of Arizona (1992), American adventure of Emir Kusturica not obtained positive commercial results. The following year, took part in to whom Gilbert Grape fears? (1993), by Lase Hallstrom, a film with excellent reception in some quarters, although it did not obtain a widespread success. However, in 1994 Johnny Depp starred in Ed Wood, again at the hands of Tim Burton, which meant the final boost to his career. The film, in black and white, reviews the life of Ed Wood, considered the worst film in the history of Hollywood director; in it, Depp works hand in hand with a great Martin Landau in the role of Bela Lugosi.

In 1995 he/she participated in three new films: Don Juan de Marco, from Jeremy Leven, along with Marlon Brandoand that was disappointing; Dead man, for the minority, Jim Jarmusch, that neither exceeded the field of cult film; and, finally, at the appointed time, by John Badham.

In 1998 he/she participated in a controversial and crude work of Terry Gilliam , entitled fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, based on the bestseller of Hunter S. Tompson. After that, they stand out in his filmography woman astronaut, Rand Ravich, with Charlize Teron; The ninth gate, adaptation of the novel by Arturo Pérez-Reverte , the club Dumas; and Sleepy Hollow, a new fantasy of Burton focused on a mysterious killer cut off heads.

In the next decade Depp starred in, among others, the sweetened Chocolat, along with Juliette Binoche; He/She collaborated in the failed attempt of Gilliam's take to the big screen the story of Don Quixote (and years later was the reason for the documentary by Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe Lost in La Mancha); He/She participated in before dark, a look at the life of the Cuban poet Reinaldo Arenas; in the successful pirates of the Caribbean and its sequel; in the new and crazy film by Robert Rodriguez the Mexican, starring Antonio Banderas; and Finding Neverland. In 2005 he/she returned to collaborate with its director fetish, Tim Burton, with whom he/she starred in Charlie and the chocolate factory and the bride put voice to the protagonist of the eccentric but magnificent animated film corpse.


1985: Nightmare on Elm Street; Point of recreo.1986: Platoon.1990: Cry Baby; Eduardo Manostijeras.1991: Final nightmare: Freddy (uncredited) death. 1992: Arizona dream; Benny and Joon.1993: who loves to Gilbert Grape? 1994: from Wood.1995: Don Juan de Marco; At the appointed time; Dead Man.1996: Donnie Brasco; Cannes Man.1997: The Brave (and direction and screenplay). 1998: fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: L.A. without a Map; Tantoper Stare Insieme.1999: The source; The Libertine; Just to Be Together; The astronaut's wife; The ninth gate; Sleepy Hollow.2000: Chocolat; Furtivas.2001 lives: when night falls; Blow.2002: From the infierno.2003: Pirates of the Caribbean: the curse of the Black Pearl; The mexicano.2004: the secret window; Discovering never jamas.2005: Charlie and the chocolate factory; Bride corpse (voice). 2006: Pirates of the Caribbean: dead man's chest.