Biography of Bo Derek (1956-vvvv)

American actress born in Torrance, California, on November 20, 1956. His real name is Mary Cathleen Collins.


Daughter of a seller of motorcycles and a Hairdresser who works in the film industry, known thanks to the connections of his mother to actor / director John Derek, and only sixteen years to be his mentor and the creator of its cinematographic image. After waiting two years, in which Derek sends it to Germany, were married in 1974 after divorcing his wife, actress Linda Evans TV and film director. Her husband is directed for the first time in 1976 in the film Fantasies, which is not released until 1981. After a few hesitant beginnings involved in 10, the perfect woman (1979), Blake Edwards, which unveiled its spectacular beauty. Bo Derek becomes the erotic fantasy of a writer of songs that a crisis of maturity, Dudley Moore, in one of his most characteristic performances. The actress is nominated to the Golden Globe for the best debutant and becomes a sex symbol in the world.However, his promising career never reaches the level that can be expected after this first success. The following films of Bo as actress and producer are erotic by-products directed, written and even photographed by John Derek contributing very little to his filmography. Tarzan, the King of the apes (1981) is the beginning of a series of commercial and artistic failures that linger with Bolero (1984) and the ghosts they can't do it (1990), whose only interest is the beauty of Bo Derek. After participating in some minor productions and series for television, the actress almost completely removed the film, especially since the death of John Derek in May 1998.

Filmography 1977: Orca, whale asesina.1979: 10, perfecta.1980 women: A change of seasons.1981: Fantasies; Tarzan, King of the monos.1984: Bolero.1990: the ghosts may not hacerlo.1995: Tommy Boy.

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