Biography of Marushka Detmers (1962-VVVV)

Dutch film actress born on December 16, 1962 in Schoonebeek.


He debuted in cinema just turned twenty. Their beauty and sensuality allowed him to get some roles in films such as first name, Carmen (1984), Jean-Luc Godard, to continue with stories of true eroticism as the pirate (1984), by Jacques Doillon or the devil in the body (1986), Marco Bellocchio.

His work something special resulted in innocent Heroes (1988), Menahen Golan, at that this adapted the journal of Hanna Senesh, an adventure that goes on the difficult roads of interwar Europe. In this production, the conviction of Maruschka is adjusted in many moments of the film, although the overall results not so much.

Throughout the 1990s, although there is some continuity in its work both in cinema and television, he did not enjoy a role that would allow her to demonstrate her dramatic ability. During this decade he participated, among other films in the mambo Kings play songs of love (1992), Arne Glimcher, in the role of Dolores Fuentes.


As a film actor

1983: Le faucon. 1984: Prénom, Carmen; The pirate; The vengeance du sepent à plumes. 1986: The devil in the body. 1987: Come sono buoni i bianchi. 1988: Innocent heroes. 1989: Deux; Comédie d' été. 1991: Le bra. 1992: The mambo Kings play songs of love; Armen and Bullik. 1994: Elles n'oublient jamais. 1995: The Shooter. 1996: Travelling with girls-toi de l'eau qui dort. 1997: Comme des rois. 1998: Rewind. 1999: St. Pauli Nacht. 2000: I love you.

Works for television:

1995: Via Mala (series). 1998: Clarissa; Sommergewitter.