Biography of Diego de Arzobispo de Sevilla y Toledo Deza (1444-1523)

Spanish theologian who was born in Toro in 1444 and died in 1523. He entered the order of St. Dominic, he was Professor of theology at the University of Salamanca, Bishop of Zamora and Salamanca (1494), de Jaén (1497) and Palencia (1500); later he was Archbishop of Seville (1504) and Toledo, though he died before receiving the MITRE; Grand Inquisitor (1499-1506), was also after Torquemada, that his memory has left stained by the multiple persecutions and deaths of defendants in those years. He came to hold the post of Chancellor of Castile. In his biography, it also highlights the fact that, perhaps, outside guard of Cristóbal Colón, who was friend and who could support at the meeting, to study the projects of the Navigator, was held in the convent of San Esteban; in the short life of the Prince don Juan, was also his advisor and chaplain. His most notable works are the Statuta seu instructions... to variis sacri tribunalis ministris observandas (1500); the Defensorium doctoris angelici S. Thomae Aquinatis (1517); the Synod of Seville which is ab ipso Hispali Synodus entitled celebrata (1512), etc.