Biography of Ruy Díaz de Isla (¿1493-1542?)

Spanish doctor born in the Sevillian town of Baeza in 1493 and died in 1542 after date in unknown location.

Few are the news having Ruy Díaz de Isla biography. It is known that he was born in Baeza, in 1493 was exercising the profession of surgeon in Barcelona and later worked for many years at the famous Hospital of all saints from Lisbon, where he wrote the only book that is known, called all Saints fructo Tractato: against the evil serpentine, come from the Spanish ysla.

The work of Ruy Díaz de Island achieved some notoriety for three reasons. The first, by its division of the patocronia of the disease in three phases: initial, when only presented the bubas; the Middle, when the moods are empudrecen and are corrupted, resulting in ulcers and ulcers; and at the end, when the fever and wasting. The second reason was his systematization of the galenic curiosity-based diet, sweat and mercury Therapeutics. The third and fundamental cause of Díaz's Island book celebrity is that it was one of the first to defend the American origin of syphilis, which has made the Tractato has been widely quoted in the controversy over whether syphilis existed in the old world prior to the return of Columbus in the West Indies.



Called all Saints fructo Tractato: against the evil serpentine, come from the ysla Spanish, Seville, Dominico de Robertis, 1539; 2nd ed., Seville, Andrés de Burgos, 1542.


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