Biography of Fernando Díaz de Mendoza (1862-1930)

Spanish stage actor born in Murcia in 1862 and died in Vigo in 1930, husband of the famous actress María Guerrero, who triumphed in the main Spanish and South American stages. It was great of Spain by virtue of the titles of count of Balazote and of Lalaing, besides flaunting of Marquis of Fontanar.

He received an education in which specially cultivated the arts and, from a young age, showed skills for the interpretation in performances held in salons aristocrats of the time and on the occasion of festivals beneficial. The first performance with his future wife took place in the representation of Mariana, de José Echegaray. Shortly after it was hired by the company that owned by the father of the actress, Ramón Guerrero, directed by famous actor Ricardo Calvo and Revilla. The couple, already consecrated in the scenarios, got married in 1896, and in front of a permanent company, toured throughout Spain, Latin America and much of Europe.

Díaz de Mendoza highlighted especially in the genre of tragedy, in which displayed a mastery of the stage; He showed it at the premiere of the acclaimed work of Ángel Guimerá María Rosa (1894). He performed for several seasons at the Spanish Theatre of Madrid, was owner of the Princesa theatre of the capital (1910), promoted the construction of the Teatro Cervantes in Buenos Aires and also directed for some time the Conservatory of music of Madrid. With its artistic and business work contributed greatly to the revival of Spanish golden age Theatre, as well as knowledge of the works of contemporary authors such as Pérez Galdós, Gregorio Martínez Sierra, Jacinto Benavente, Tamayo and Baus and the own Guimerà. At home, he met a remarkable library of manuscripts and writings of various authors. His firstborn son, Fernando Díaz de Mendoza y Guerrero, was a remarkable actor who continued in charge of the company of their parents.