Biography of Leonardo DiCaprio (1974-VVVV)

Film actor American born on November 11, 1974 in Hollywood (Los Angeles, California). His real name is Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio.

His father, George DiCaprio, was a comics retailer; over time, and thanks to the success and popularity of his son, has led the Professional Affairs of this, at the same time that has taken care of your finances. His mother, named Imerline, is separated from his father when Leonardo was just one year. Both spouses shared custody of the child, until it decided to emancipate itself in 1997. His studies were discrete; It was not to the University and studied basic teachings in Los Angeles, at John Marshall High School.

His dedication to the world of photography began in the field of television advertising, to then participate in informative type films. His first appearance on screen took place with the movie Critters 3 (1991), a discrete title in which fear and a rare sense of humor shook hands.

His debut as actor was in life of this kid (1993), directed by Michael Caton - Jones, where shared poster with Robert de Niro; He was just 19 years. That title was already followed a relatively large number of productions that somehow helped to make way in the tortuous path of stardom in American cinema.

Thus participated in who Gilbert Grape loves? (1994), as the disabled brother of Johnny Depp; and quick and deadly (1995), along with Sharon Stone and Gene Hackman, a western that was intended to be innovative, to the greater glory of the actress, but that didn't take discrete. He took part in a curious version of Romeo and Juliet (1996), with Claire Danes, where the eternal myth that conceived by William Shakespeare and as much game film, was recreated in a particular way, in which reality and dreams and games eventually mingled in order to bring the history to our time and that it was accepted by a young audience.

This experience served to DiCaprio was styling a history of essentially intuitive actor, without formal training, but which achieved good performances, without giving the least face stronger fame actors. His prestige increased thanks also to his physique: blond, boyish-looking, between fresh and modern, with a few expressive eyes that sometimes can give your look a point of hardness and defiance.

However, his big chance came when not always well appreciated James Cameron offered him the role of male lead in Titanic (1997). The film not only took a considerable number of oscars of the Academy - rather than interpretation, precisely - but it also became a social phenomenon far above their undoubted cinematographic values. Without a doubt, one of the successes of Cameron was trust the two main roles to a couple as DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. They knew of romanticism and poetry impregnated a sentimental relationship that, ultimately, was nothing more than the reissue of Romeo and Juliet, with the sinking of the ship and a social and historical picture as a backdrop. All this accompanied by a display of media and technology that is used with intelligence, unless they hidden history in whose service they were. Success for the film and its characters, especially DiCaprio, one can describe as great.

However, fame imposes their servitude, and DiCaprio has gone through bad personal times. Despite this, embraced by the international success, participated in the man in the mask of iron (1998), a remake of the melodrama of Dumas , where she plays the dual role of Luis XIV and his supposed brother, surrounded by a trio of formidable, integrated by Jeremy Irons, Gerard Depardieu and John Malkovich. The result was discreet, but his character was the maximum incentive for millions of young women would bring to the box office to see his idol.

Projects have accumulated since then on its agenda, although his youth has prevented him from being taken into account by managers to participate in more substantial projects. It should be noted his participation in the project of the always great Woody Allen, Celebrity (1998), which gives life to a character who largely fits perfectly in his own biography, although somewhat caricatureizada: a young star of cinema that is literally haunted by her fans and is living in a world apart from luxury and eccentricity. Fan of video games and table tennis, is definitely consolidated as one of the movie stars more promising for century XXI.

The commercial failure of the beach (1999) kept the young actor away from large projects film for a long time until in 2002 she returned to the big screen in the hands of two of the best directors in Hollywood, Martin Scorsese, who gave him a special role in Gangs of New York, and Steven Spielberg, who also featured DiCaprio to star in the thriller catch me if you can.

In 2005 worked again at the orders of Scorsese in the Aviator, film where he played the film director, businessman and adventurer Howard Hughes, role that earned a nomination for the Oscar and the Golden Globe for best actor.


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Works for television:

1989: The New Lassie. 1990: santa Barbara; Parenthood (series). 1985: Growing Pains (series). 1998: Titanic: Breaking New Ground.