Biography of Angie Dickinson (1931-VVVV)

American actress, born in Kulm, Dakota of the North, United States, on September 30, 1931. When I was twenty-one years worked as a Secretary at the Glendale College de Los Ángeles and decided to submit it to a beauty contest. The fact of being winning pushed her to seek his professional horizon in the artistic field, and was hired by broadcaster NBC as a chorus girl.

She debuted in film in 1954 with the Warner company, firm to which it was United until 1952, in the film Lucky me of J. Donohue. After this first work he participated in several movies without much success, as tragic anxiety (1956), Marquis Warren. Success came to him from the hand of the director Howard Hawks, who hired her as a protagonist for the film Rio Bravo (1959), in which shared poster next to John Wayne.

He has worked with actors of great weight in Hollywood, such as Frank Sinatra, in Ocean's eleven (1960), by L. Milestone. Also did so with Marlon Brando in the Chase (1966), A. Penn and with Richard Burton in the Bramble bush (1960) of A. Petrie. In 1964, he shared cast with the former President of the United States, Ronald Regan, in D. Siegel The Killer film.

Apart from those already mentioned, he has worked on other films such as: Jessica (1962), the shadow of a giant (1966), to quemaropa (1967), Dear Professor (1971) and Vestida to kill (1980). He has also made several series for television as: Wyatt earp, Gunsmoke, Perry Mason and Dr. Kildare. In the 1970s, and for four years, police, which was a huge success starred in the series women. In 1986 he returned to television with women in Hollywood, based on the work of the same original title by the English writer Jackie Collins.

She has been married twice: first with an American footballer called Gene Dickinson, he took her last name and then, in 1965, with the musician Burt Bacharrach, with whom he had a daughter, Nikki, and he divorced in 1980.