Biography of Diodoro Sículo (s. I a.C.)

Writer and historian of Sicilian origin (born in Agira), who developed his literary work at the time of César and Augusto. He/She was author of a universal history, its library, in 40 books, covering from the earliest times up to the time of the Gallic wars (54 BC). His work is drawn, in reality, as a miscellany, which accommodates a large number of sources and stories; Thus, to narrate the time falling within the mythical history, Diodorus resorted to a manual of mythology and the works of Dionisio Escitobraquión; Similarly, for the classical period was based on Ephorus; to the Hellenistic period, continued to Duris, Phylarchus, and then, Polybius without forgetting of course Roman analysts. In addition, he/she was not trying to hide their sources but that, on many occasions, followed them to the letter, so act that has made it important for the study of the previous historiography. Thus arises a work created and designed especially for the general public, which is guess inaccuracies and errors, many of them caused by the great diversity of managed sources and the difficulty inherent in a work of such broad spectrum chronological type. Regarding the disposition of the history was as follows: the first book was devoted to Egypt; the second, Escitia, Mesopotamia, India and Arabia; the third, to North Africa. Books 4-6 to Greece and Europe; Books 7-17 created narrated the events from the Trojan war to Alejandro Magno and books 18-40 were, finally, of developments among the Diadochi and César. Of all these books, nowadays preserved whole books 1-5 and 11-20.; the rest is known through some excerptas in Constantino Porfirogénito or those of Photius.



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Teresa Jiménez Calvente.