Biography of King of Egipto Djer (ca. 3042-2995 a.C.)

(Djr) Horus name of the third King of the first Egyptian dynasty, cited in the actual list of Abydos, in the Palermo stone (where it appears with the Itti prenombre) and in a rock inscription Uadi Halfa. Djer, identified with King Kenkenes of Manetho, (which assigned between 31 and 39-year reign) ruled some 50 years, in the course of which was able to celebrate a holiday thirst. Effected, although today are called into question many of its aspects, several military campaigns against the Asians, who defeated, against the Libyans and the Nubians, reaching the second cataract. Of Djer, son of King Aha - who had succeeded in the throne - and one of his concubines, qualified as a "musician of Horus", have become varied original documents of interest (plates - among them the ivory, with his name and a clear pictorial allusion to the heliaco rising of Sothis-, funerary stele), as well as important remains of grave goods, which are treasured in the tombs of Saqqara and Abydos. The first, probably a Cenotaph, with Chambers of brick coated wood, was later reused as a sanctuary of Osiris. Saqqara, also with extraordinary funerary furnishings, is of architectural importance. Around Abydos Tomb appeared 382 additional graves containing the bodies of 580 servers that were mostly slaughtered on the occasion of the funeral of the King. His wife was very probably the Queen Meryt-Neith (some Egyptologists make her daughter), also buried in Saqqara, although he/she had another Tomb in Abydos. By the fact also appear bodies slaughtered around these two tombs, has expected the Queen mentioned to happen on the throne. However, official sources put as direct successor of Djer King Uadji (or Djet), usually known as "Snake King".