Biography of Milovan Djilas (1911-1995)

Writer and Montenegrin political leader, born in Polja (Serbia and Montenegro). He/She studied law at the University of Belgrade, where he/she embraced Marxist thought, and he/she was repeatedly imprisoned for his political activities. In 1940 he/she was a prominent member of the communist resistance movement led by Tito, which would maintain a strong friendship, and he/she supported completely as the political rupture with the USSR in 1948. He/She fought alongside this and their supporters during the second world war, later, in 1953, occupy senior positions of the Government of postwar, including Vice President of the Communist Party, which was strong candidate as a safe successor of Tito, before losing this responsibilities and be expelled in 1954 for criticising the regime. He/She was imprisoned in 1956 by holding the Hungarian revolution, and his sentence was increased in 1957, when his work The New Class, fierce criticism of the Communist oligarchy, was published in the West. Released in 1961, he/she was arrested again in 1962 and finally released in 1966 to the be granted amnesty, although he/she continued writing and publishing. His other works are: Land Without Justice (1958) and Conversations with Stalin (1962), which cost his last four years in prison; Memoir of a Revolutionary (1973); Tito (1980); and Rise and Fall (1983), a testament to her own career in Government.