Biography of Richard Donner (1930-VVVV)

Director of American cinema, born in New York on April 24, 1930, real name Richard D. Schwartzberg.


He began working in the entertainment industry as an actor to engage fully in the direction of low-budget films. At the same time, he participated as Assistant Director and director in some of the most successful television series during the 1960s as Kojak, Cannon, the fugitive or Superagent 86. His first success as a director, a constant throughout his career, got it with the prophecy (1976), a classic of contemporary horror movies. The film, aided by an extraordinary Jerry Goldsmithsoundtrack, features the birth of the Antichrist in an American family living in England and the discovery of the true nature of his son by the father, played by Gregory Peck.

The success obtained by the prophecy remains small compared to that obtained Donner with his next film, Superman (1978), Dino de Laurentiis blockbuster about the mythical hero of the comic created by Schuster and Siegel. The film, the most expensive in the history of the cinema until then, boasts a star-studded cast of star headed by Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman and Marlon Brando. Superman placed Donner in a privileged place within the industry that has not moved since then.

Lady Falcon (1984), starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Rutger Hauer marked one of the highlights of his career with another great story, this time set in the middle ages and focusing on the spell that separated two lovers to become Wolf and Hawk. In 1986 he began his collaboration with one of the big producers of the 1980s action films and nineties, Joel Silver, in lethal weapon (1986). Starring Mel Gibsonand Danny Glover as two completely different policemen forced by circumstances to work together, is one of the films in which sits the bases of what Americans know as buddy-movie or movies of colleagues. Lethal weapon is the consecration of Mel Gibson in the American market and starts a successful series of sequels, all of them directed by Donner and produced by Silver, less interest and which are limited to exploiting the formula and the growing popularity of the main couple.Director specialized in directing stars, returned to work with Mel Gibson, the actor fetish, Maverick (1993), a relative commercial failure within his impeccable career, story around a poker game set in the old West and starring Jodie Foster. In conspiracy (1997) Donner directs Julia Roberts and Gibson, who gives life to a paranoid cab driver who accidentally discovers a conspiracy against national security. One of the most interesting films of his last day is assassins (1995). Produced by Joel Silver, it has the confrontation of two killers for hire, a veteran played by Sylvester Stallone and a newcomer, Antonio Banderas, which threatens its hegemony.


1961: 15 X. 1968: Salt and pepper. 1969: Twinky.1976: the prophecy. 1978: Superman. 1980: Max Bar. 1982: His favorite toy. 1984: lady Hawk. 1985: The goonies. 1986: Lethal weapon. 1988: The ghosts attack the boss. 1989: Lethal II weapon. 1990: The strength of the illusion. 1992: Lethal III weapon. 1993: Maverick. 1995: Asesinos.1997: conspiracy. 1998: weapon lethal IV.