Biography of Michael Douglas (1944-VVVV)

Actor and producer of American cinema, born in New Brunswick (New Jersey, United States) on September 25, 1944, son of the legendary actor Kirk Douglas.

His academic training was complete: toured different schools, such as the Black Fox Military Academy, the University of California at Santa Barbara, where he attended courses of dramatic art. He studied, among others, with Wynn Handman, having gone through various centers devoted to the theatrical training. His debut came at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York, at the end of the 1960s.

He began his activity as an actor in the rebellious thief (1969), James Clavell, and achieved some success as the protagonist of Adam at six a.m. (1970), a film by Robert Scheerer on the line of a movie committed to the events of those years in the United States and the human and intellectual crisis of a certain cultivated bourgeoisie.

In 1972 he was when his name and his figure started to be most popular for his role in the television serial the streets of San Francisco, where he was partner with Karl Malden, in the traditional duo of young police and mature.

However, the big moment came, not as an actor but as a producer, with someone flew over the nest of the cuckoo (1975), an impressive film Czech Milos Forman directed and in which Jack Nicholson got a fulgurating success playing a so-called mad, which in the end does not distinguish the madness of his own reality.

From this time he began a career as an actor that, at first, led him to participate in suggestive films that failed to endorse your expectations. They are, among others, China (1979), James Bridges syndrome, or judges of the law (1983), Peter Hyams. However, from 1984 his luck changed. He took part in two adventure films that achieved significant results at the box office, it's after the green heart, Robert Zemeckis and jewel of the Nile (1985), Lewis Teague. In both he was partner to a Kathleen Turner of great beauty and in perfect harmony as a cinematic couple.

However, his great year was 1987. Rolled attraction fatal, Adrian Lyne and, above all, was the protagonist of Wall Street, where the controversial Oliver Stone gave him the role of sharks of finance, without any scruples. For that performance got the Oscar and managed to turn into an actor with the same popularity that his father had. From that moment, Michael Douglas belongs to the Group of privileged, over players of the quality of the role that interpreter.

Looking for not to get pigeonholed in wrong with class actions, went back to work with Kathleen Turner in a corrosive comedy directed with intelligence Danny de Vito, the war of the Roses (1989), which meant another great success among the public. But it was in 1992 when his name was lionized. In that year worked as a protagonist in the rough-and-tumble basic instinct, of Paul Verhoeven, which served to make star to the until then only beautiful Sharon Stone. The film was a phenomenon that broke film exclusively. A skillful blend of death, sex and psychology, filmed with enough chutzpah, but without exceeding a limit: that would make entering the terrain of the pornographic, make it one of those films that arrive to the screen at the time just and may be more a source of sociological study than film, although it has values in this sense.

Installed as of the end of century movie star, Douglas managed to overcome that turned out to be mediocre or works whose expectations exceeded the expected results, as it is the case of harassment (1994), Barry Levinson, based on a novel by Michael Chrichton, tape that he surrounded himself with an erotic content course, but that did not reach that Yes had gotten basic instinct. In the same sense can we talk about the President and miss Wade (1995), Rob Reiner, a comedy with the attractive Annette Bening and Michael J. Fox, which was a lot distance from the war of the roses.

However, secure and value with a great capacity for popular acceptance, the game (1997), David Finch, and especially a perfect crime (1998), of Andrew Davis - which is a version of the classic Alfred Hitchcock perfect crime-, confirmed him as an actor that does not disappoint and has managed to survive the immense prestige of his father.

Michael Douglas, unless it can be described as hard, has cultivated an image of distant and selfish in many of his roles that has earned him the enmity of certain groups (gay or feminist,) for example.

In 1977 he married Zeta which separated in 1995, among other many reasons that she not tolerated his marital infidelities. Thanks to his wife, Douglas has kept some relation to Spain, where he has spent seasons of rest on the island of Mallorca.

His work as an actor has not prevented him working in other facets of the film, with special dedication to the production. In 1988, he formed the Stonebridge Entertainment which produced films for Joel Schumacher or Richard Donner and has been Executive producer of tape as a Ghost and the Darkness (1996), Face/Off (1997), and The Rainmaker (1997). With his new company Further Films produced One night at McCool's (2001) by Norwegian director Harald Zwart.

Although he is largely known for his activity in cinema and television, and has received major awards for their different activities in the world of the image, all references are pointing to that he is the son of Kirk Douglas, one of the greats of the cinema of the 1950s. In recent years, also its name has starred in more covers in magazines the pink Chronicle that in the weekly film by her relationship with the also actress, Catherine Zeta-Jones, with whom he eventually married in November of the year 2000.


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Works for television

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